World Hearing Voices Congress 2018 Report

2018 World Hearing Voices Congress, The Hague, Netherlands: Living with Voices: A Human Right!

The congress took place over four days and combined personal testimonies, presentations, workshops, dialogues, symposiums and a social event to celebrate World Hearing Voices Day. The final day that was mainly in Dutch, translated into English, aimed at raising awareness around hearing voices and human rights for a general audience.

The whole experience was an opportunity to learn with and from each other about hearing voices, recovery, emancipation and human rights. 
The audience were treated to many thought-provoking keynotes, including those from Caroline Mazel-Carlton, Indigo Daya and Danius Puras, the UN special rapporteur on the right to health.  
Workshops and symposia also explored issues such as race and mental health; voices, visions and borderline personality disorder; and how the Hearing Voices Network can be made more accessible for people with disabilities. 
The meeting also adopted a Manifesto entitled The Human Rights of Voice Hearers Manifesto 2018 with the goal of raising attention and recognition for the human rights violations that voice hearers have endured: To make clear what the rights of voice hearers are and to formulate concrete goals to realize a worldwide respect for the human rights of voice hearers and to prevent injustice. 
Next years World Congress will be held in Toronto, Canada.

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