‘Where there is help, there is hope’

Article about Hywel Davies that appeared in the Pembrokeshire Herald online edition on the 10th February 2015. You can read the original article here

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ONE LOCAL man is trying his best to make sure that those in need of help know where to turn. Each week Hywel Davies supports local mental health charities by hywel daviesplacing an advert in the paper containing the contact details of the main local mental health charities and also a few of the national ones too. His contribution helps mental health charities reach the public and concentrate their own funds on helping others.

Tom Price of The Pembrokeshire Herald visited Hywel Davies of Milford Haven to talk with him about the impact of mental health issues and how the community can help. The figures are shocking. Hywel told Tom: “One in four people in the UK suffer or will suffer from some sort of mental health in their life and that figure is one in three people in Pembrokeshire, that’s over 35,000 people in Pembrokeshire suffering from some sort of mental illness!” Hywel feels it is a problem which isn’t as highlighted in the community as it should be: “According to the world health organisation, by the year 2020 in the western world, more people will suffer from mental illness over physical ailments.”

Hywel is convinced that what people with mental health issues need is hope: “People need to know that they are not alone, charities and groups in our county and nationally are there to offer guidance, support, advice and information to help. If you know somebody who may have a mental illness, or you think you may be suffering yourself, don’t keep it to yourself.

One of the first ports of call could be Mind Pembrokeshire who will offer you advice and support on your concerns, their contact number is 01437 769982 and they will be more than happy to help with any query. Local charities couldn’t do the work they do without the help of the local community, you can help continue the fantastic work they are doing with donations, gifts or business.

We have 7 leading mental health charities in our county, and they all provide an invaluable service. In the 21st Century, people need to know that here, where we live, there is help and, where there is help, there is hope.” Hywel concluded: “If you feel that you or somebody you know needs some advice or just somebody to talk to about concern then these charities are here to help, all of the numbers you need are here so don’t hesitate and change something today.”

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