Visions, Voices, Mystics and Muses

Visions, Voices, Mystics and Muses: Parts One, Two, Three and Four

Ivan Barry

Part One

In Part One Ivan talks about the life and contribution to humanity of voice hearers Socrates, Alexander The Great, Moses and Hildegard von Bingen

Part Two

In Part Two Ivan talks about the life and contribution to humanity of voice hearers Joan of Arc, William Blake and the pianist and distinguished composer Robert Schumann.

Part Three

In Part Three Ivan talks about the life and contribution to humanity of voice hearers Carl Gustav Jung, Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Part Four

In Part Four, entitled “Flames, Flashes and Voices in the Sky” Ivan considers the experience of voice hearing in the Old and New Testaments. Characters in this talk include Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Jesus, Saul and Ananias.

Visions, Voices, Mystics and Muses is a talk by Ivan Barry which aims to raise awareness and reduce stigma relating to the experience of hearing voices and seeing visions.

For many people, having unusual experiences like this seems to indicate pathology and illness rather than creativity and possibility. Yet many aspects of our current world realities are underpinned and contributed to by individuals who have reported remarkable experiences and have obtained connection and access to higher knowledge and learning. Gifts that they have gone on to share with us.

Ivan Barry worked for over twenty years in hospital and community settings in the UK, first as a nurse in Coventry, England, then becoming a patient advocate he helped to set up and run support groups for those hearing critical and challenging voices in Coventry, England, Madison, Wisconsin, USA and Edinburgh, Scotland. These groups helped to create safe spaces for individuals to share and discuss their experiences as well as looking at ways to try and cope better and share these helpful and empowering ideas.

Ivan began to research historical examples of voices and visions and quickly realised that our very world today was to some extent formed and contributed to by remarkable people who have had these unusual experiences. His talk on “Vision, Voices, Mystics and Muses” is a light-hearted look at this and we will see how Art, Sciences, Music, Medicine, Religion, Politics and Literature have evolved in part through the insights and experiences that these individuals have undergone.

This is a talk Ivan often gives to voice hearers and it has often helped to raise their self-esteem enormously. The purpose of these talks is to raise awareness of the commonality of voice hearing in the general population, to reduce stigma and misunderstanding and to share ideas on coping with difficult experiences.

In this talk, he explores some of the unusual experiences of historical figures that have created the world we have inherited and live in today. From religion, art and the sciences to music, philosophy and literature, voice hearers and visionaries have played a prominent role in our collective human journey!

You can visit Ivan’s website here.

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