Understanding Voices: Family and Friends Online Survey

Hearing the Voice has been working with members of the voice-hearing community to develop Understanding Voices – a new web resource to help people find clear, balanced and comprehensive information about voice-hearing. Over the past ten months, we’ve run online surveys, and consultation events and workshops in London, Bradford, Manchester and the North East, in order to design a site that is as useful as possible.

These contributions have played an invaluable role in the development of Understanding Voices, and we want to thank you for all your hard work so far.As part of the next step for Understanding Voices, we’d like to invite the friends and family members of voice-hearers to complete our latest online survey. The questions themselves arose through the consultation process, as a result of comments made by participants.

Your answers will allow us to further refine Understanding Voices, and provide clear and accessible information for both voice-hearers and supporters like you.

You can raed more by clicking here Understanding Voices: Family and Friends Online Survey

The survey can be found here.

Source: Hearing the Voices (UK), 8th August 2018

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