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If you wish to make an application it will be considered and the next packs will be sent out in December 2019.

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Hearing Voices Resource Pack – Books and DVD’s

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How to Apply


The Fund


Resource Pack For Groups

Criteria and Application Process

Ways to use the books and DVD’s

List of Successful Applicants


The Hearing Voices Information Resource Pack Fund has been running since 2011. The Fund will be continued until the end of 2022.

If you would you like to apply for a free resource pack made up of books and DVD’s about the hearing voices approach then Hearing Voices Network Cymru will send you a free pack containing the following:

For Groups

Living with voices: 50 Voices of Recovery by Marius Romme, Sandra Escher et al
•Hearing Voices : A Common Human Experience by John Watkins
•Children and Voice Hearing by Sandra Escher (if applicable to the needs of the group applying)
•The Working with Voices workbook by Mike Smith and Ron Coleman
•The Voice Inside by Paul Baker
•Setting up and running a hearing voices group DVD and CD set

For Individuals

• The Working with Voices workbook by Mike Smith and Ron Coleman
• The Voice Inside by Paul Baker
plus one DVD and/or book according to the needs of the person applying

You can download our leaflet RESOURCE PACK LEAFLET

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How to Apply

If you would like to apply for a Hearing Voices Information Resource Pack Fund please provide a short statement telling us how you would use the books/DVDS

You can apply on behalf of a group or for yourself.

If you are are applying on behalf of group please tell us how will make use of the Pack by indicating how the books:

• would be made available to a voice hearers and other interested people (workers, family members etc)
• how the information contained within the publications and other resources would be utilised to the benefit of voice hearers in the your community

Applications will be considered by Hearing Voices Network Cymru and awarded on the basis of the applications meeting our criteria. Applications are invited from hearing voices initiatives across the world.

Send your application as an email to Hywel Davies, Hearing Voices Network Cymru (Wales) at [email protected]. Please let us have your name and when applicable the name of your organisation or hearing voices group. We also need your contact details and address to where the pack should be delivered.

Your application will be considered and responded to within eight weeks.

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“A fantastic range of resources that we will be using when facilitating the Wiltshire Hearing Voices Group. The DVDs will be invaluable for group discussions and photocopied worksheets from the books will be a great tool to allow individuals to explore their voices. Myself and the other facilitators will also be using the resource pack to further develop our own understanding of voices. A must have for any Hearing Voices group. Many thanks. Gavin, England

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the books and dvds you sent to us. We have a small (but well-stocked) library here, but limited funds to add to it, so they will be a great addition and will be extremely useful for the many students we have attending the Recovery College”. AT, Scotland

“….. about resource packs. I had received one several years ago and have used it more than you could ever imagine. It’s been a huge asset to educating myself, other voice hearers, clinicians I work with and at my presentations much of the stuff I use is cited directly from those books. I’ve shown the DVD’s as well. I’ll be starting another HVN group in a few weeks and will again make all of the info available to people and show a video of the history of HVN. I just wanted you to know how tremendously it has helped me so you could let Hywel know my appreciation.” JB, USA

“… thank you very much for the hearing voices resource pack. It will be really useful within our team to provide training and information to service users, carers and other professionals.” SM, England

“…. just wanted to thank you for taking the trouble to mail the Hearing Voices Resource Pack down here to New Zealand. It is a wonderful and very rich collection of resources. I have already had a stream of people through my office wishing to take a book or DVD away… so really appreciate your list of ideas for use. We’ll make sure they are put to the best possible use!” RW, New Zealand

“Thank you so much on behalf of the people we serve, we will now be able to help them better! Again, thank you! JL, USA

“I checked my mailbox a couple of days ago and was super excited to see the hearing voices information pack had arrived. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have tools to work with for myself and others. This is a very very important movement.|Thank you for letting me be part of it. Awesome.” JG, Canada

“Thank you so much for the info pack which I received today and which the group and I are delighted about! It will definitely be put to very good use!” AC, Ireland

“What a plethora of wonderful information and resources!! I was so excited to dive in to them over the weekend!” JG, USA

“I gratefully received the package and am so happy! Thank you very much, I will study everything carefully, post on my new website that I have this package and communicate it also in my network.” JS, Germany

” … it has got so much information and I am sure that it is going to be very helpful to help me to hopefully start a Hearing Voices Group which would be the first in my country. It is really beneficial to have people like you who offer opportunities such as this one.” PG, Malta

“We received our Hearing Voices pack, it is absolutely brilliant, all the workforce is very impressed and we are very grateful. Thank you so much for sending these resources, our group begins next week and these resources will be excellent! You provide a very good service and are helping so many people.” SW, Australia

“Thank you so much for sending me the resource packet! … I know this will be invaluable information that I will carry with me for a lifetime. I cannot wait to share this information with my co-workers in hopes we will be able to get our own program started in Delaware County Pennsylvania.” DF, USA

“The pack that you sent me was absolutely fantastic in helping me set up the ‘coping with voice hearing’ group that I currently run in three mental health teams. Kind regards, and thank you again for the pack, it has been invaluable.” AP, UK

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for considering and approving this application for the Hearing Voices Information Resource pack. The team I am working with are very excited by this and it will be extremely helpful in our work as well as supporting us to set up a Hearing Voices Group in the local area.” LH, England

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The Fund

The Hearing Voices Resource Pack Fund was established by Hywel Davies and the Hearing Voices Network Cymru in 2011. The Fund is intended to ensure information about the hearing voices approach is more widely available throughout the world. The main priority of the Fund is to encourage the development of active hearing voices initiatives at a national and local level.

The fund is available to groups and individuals who support the work of the hearing voice movement.

The fund will enable over 70 Resource Packs to be disseminated each year.  The fund will run until the end of 2022 with a maximum of 12,000 pounds a year being allocated.

So far seven hundred and thirty three Resource Packs have been distributed to six hundred and ninety three successful applicants from fifty six countries across the world (As of September 2019)

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The need for information about the work of the movement with respect to the research and the practical implementation of the work (e.g. setting up hearing voices groups, working with voice hearers in a one to one setting) is very important. However, newly formed groups or interested individuals wishing to establish initiatives may not know about and/or have the funding to purchase the books.

The ability of groups to receive a pack of the most useful publications and DVD’s would be a considerable boost to many groups, both existing, newly formed or at the planning stage.

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The Resource Pack for Groups

The books Hearing Voices Network Cymru have selected for the Starter Pack are as follows:

Living with voices: 50 Voices of Recovery by Marius Romme, Sandra Escher et al

Hearing Voices : A Common Human Experience by John Watkins

Children and Voice Hearing by Sandra Escher (if applicable to the needs of the group applying)

The Working with Voices workbook by Mike Smith and Ron Coleman

The Voice Inside by Paul Baker

Setting up and running a hearing voices group DVD and CD set

The Resource Pack for Individuals

• The Working with Voices workbook by Mike Smith and Ron Coleman

• The Voice Inside by Paul Baker

plus one DVD and/or book according to the needs of the person applying

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Criteria and Application Process

The criteria for eligibility requires applicants to state how will make use of the Pack by indicating how the books:

•would be made available to a voice hearers and other interested people (workers, family members etc)

•how the information contained within the publications and other resources would be utilised to the benefit of voice hearers in the applicants community

Applications will be considered by HVN Cymru and awarded on the basis of the applications meeting our criteria. Applications are invited from hearing voices initiatives across the world.

If you would like to apply for a Hearing Voices Information Resource Pack Fund please provide:

•A short statement answering the two points above re. how you would use the books/DVDS

•Your name, the name of hearing voices group, contact details and address for receipt of the pack if application is successful.

Send your application as an email to Hywel Davies, Hearing Voices Network Cymru (Wales) at [email protected].

Your application will be considered and responded to within eight weeks. Back to top

Ways to use the books and DVD’s

From the applications received so far there have been some great ideas for ensuring that the books and DVD’s are made good use of that we would like to share with you as follows (including your own proposals):

  • Using DVD’s to develop awareness training/education in the community eg. schools, colleges, youth clubs, societies, public meetings
  • DVD-viewing sessions, followed by discussions about the DVD. These sessions could be open to group members and to other interested parties, e.g. service users and workers, other  organisations, carers/ family and friends of voice-hearers etc.


  • Producing a leaflet illustrating the resources available for voice hearers, group attendees or otherwise, along with their support providers (carers)
  • Making books available for loan via library to ensure resources are available not only for peers to use, but also family members, other staff members and anyone in the community who expresses an interest in hearing voices
  • Setting up a system to keep track of who has borrowed what, and to ensure that the resources are passed on between groups and members
  • Making sure that group members and others are aware of the resources and how to access them, through information leaflets and posters, via email, and through reminders at weekly meetings

Hearing Voices Groups

  • Using Workbooks to assist individual voice hearers to explore voice hearing experiences
  • Take personal testimonies from the book and explore them within the group context, looking for similarities with current group members and ways of coping with that situation, and helping groups to think about the best way to support someone in a similar situation
  • Use as tools in group sessions to facilitate sharing personal experiences, discussion and personal work on voices
  • Helping with setting up a group, using the resource: Setting up and running a hearing voices group DVD and CD set
  • All resources would be the property of the group not the staff facilitating

Awareness and solidarity

    • To support the work undertaken by the group and help members gain a sense of being part of the wider network
    • To provide workers with alternative ways of working with individual service users who hear voices
  • To promote the hearing voices approach to staff, service users and the wider community

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List of Successful Applicants

A list of  693 of the successful applicants who between them received 733 packs (as of September 2019)

Africa and the Middle East
Bahram Kiana, Tabriz, Iran
Butabika Recovery College, Butabika Hospital, Kampala, Uganda
Bethlehem Mental Hospital, Bethlehem City, Palestine

D. Pieters & G. Els, Brackenhurst, Alberton, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA
Dar es Salaam Voluntary Association, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania x 2
Dr. Mustafe Good Nuur, Horizon, Hargeisa, Somaliland, East Africa

HeartSounds, Hearing Voices Kampala, Kampala, Uganda

Jhilmil Breckenridge, Bhor Foundation, New Delhi, India

MHIC and MRC on Stress and Anxiety Disorders, Tygerburg, South Africa

Mohamed Yo Al-Afande, Jerusalem, Israel

Normal Difference, Nairobi, Kenya

Olatunde Ibironke, Reconnect Hearing Voices Group, Libreville, Abuja, Nigeria

Peer Nation, Kampala, Uganda

Rose Umetesi, Rwanda

Saudi Arabia

Uyama ETIM, Oliveprime Psychological Services, Kado District, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria

WHO Mental Health Programme, Gaza, Palestine x 3
WHO Mental Health Programme, West Bank, Palestine x 3

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Abdul Abu Bakar, Hospital Director, Permai Hospital, Tampoi, Johor Bahru, Malaysia x 4
Arianto Bigman,Tangerang Selatan, Banten, INDONESIA
Dolores Taijeron, Chalan Pago, Guam
Erfaan Hussein Babak, “The Awakening”, Khona Chum, Saidu Sharif, District Swat, Khyber PukhtoonKhwa, Pakistan
Eric Chan Kin Kuen, The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong x 2
Faridpur Local Hearing Voices Group, Moghbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hui Wai Chun Peter, Tseung Kwan O, N.T., Hong Kong
Iris Lo, Community Psychiatric Service, Chai Wan, HONG KONG
Jose Cicilia, Reani, Kerela, India x 2
Mary Ann Detera, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Monalisha Pradhan Shrestha, Pimbahal Tole, Ward No. 20, Nepal
Rebecca Wong, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
Dr. Steve Fong Fu Fai, Chun Shek Halfway House, SRACP, Shatin, Hong Kong x 2
Yutaka Fujimoto, Hearing Voices Network, Tokyo, Japan

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Aden Hemmerling, Personal Helpers, Mentors Program, JobCo, Employment Services Inc Balwyn, Victoria, Australia
Aimee Blackam, Specialist Rehabilitation Service, Northern Sydney Local Health District, Macquarie Hospital, North Ryde, Australia
Alison Jansen, Community Relationships, Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland, Herston, Qld, Australia
Amanda Waegeli, Richmond Fellowship West Australia, Perth, Australia x 10
Amy Nieschnidt, St George Community Mental Health, Kogarah, NSW, Australia
Andrew Daley, Registered Nurse, Tablelands Mental Health Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia
Angela Jarrett, Birkdale, Queensland, Australia
Anthony Hubeck, Landsdale, Perth, Western Australia
Ann-Marie Middleton, Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia

Bassendean Hearing Voices Group, WA, Australia
Bentley Health Service-John Milne Centre, Bentley, WA, Australia
Bentley Hearing Voices Group, WA, Australia

Cara Hudson, Ringwood East, Victoria, Australia
Caz Smith, Central Coast Voice Hearer’s Support Group, Lake Munmorah, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Chrystia Nelson, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
Community Hearing Voices Group, Albury Wodonga, Australia
Craig Walters, Hearing Voices Facilitator, HABERFIELD, New South Wales, Australia
Creative Voices Group, WA, Australia

Dave Facer, Maryborough, SE Queensland, Australia
Dave Denborough, Adeliade, Australia
Daya Henkel, Mental Health Administration Building, Mater Campus, Waratah, NSW, Australia
Denise Cox, Aboriginal Mental Health Worker, MABU LIYAN, Broome Mental Health Unit, BROOME WA, Australia

Eileen Kelly, Mitcham, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
Esperance Hearing Voices Group, WA, Australia

Gary Kleeman, Peer Support Worker, Tweed Heads Community Mental Health, Tweed Heads, Australia
George Hamza, Support Facilitator, Flourish Australia, Ulladulla, NSW, Australia
Guy Masterman Social Worker, Peel and Rockingham Kwinana Community Mental Health Service, Rockingham, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Greg Ralls, Managing Director, Mental Health WA Pty Ltd, Dianella WA, Australia

Hearing Voices, Mornington, Victoria, Australia
Hearing Voices Network of WA,Bentley WA, Australia

Inge Remmits, Richmond Hearing Voices Group, Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Jaci Panicker, Support Worker, June O’Connor Centre (Inc), Subiaco, Western Australia

Joanne Newman, Busselton HV Group, Busselton, Western Australia
Jussey Verco, Statewide MH /sexual assault NSW, Australia
Joondalup Hearing Voices Group, WA, Australia
Julie Bairstow, Casual Peer Support Worker, Cannington, Australia x 9

Katrina Meggison, Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network, Malabar NSW, Australia
Karen Griffin, Merriwa, WA, Australia
Kate Milan, Footscray, Victoria, Australia
Kelmscott Hearing Voices Group, WA, Australia
Kerri Magregor, Anglicare WA, Australia
Kim Vo, Peer Support Worker, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia

Leesa Nash, Coburg, Victoria, Australia
Linda Blanchard, Peer Support Worker, Community Health Centre, Bankstown, NSW, Australia
Lorna Gallagher, Gladstone Community Mental Health Service, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
Lyn Mahboub, Allied with HVN Western Australia, Bentley, WA, Australia

Maggie Jenkins, Individualised Community Living Strategy Service, WA, Australia x 2
Mandurah Hearing Voices Group, WA, Australia
Margaret Doherty, Mental health matters WA, Australia
Markus Hamacher, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
Mary Anne Anderson, Townsville Hearing Voices Support Group, QLD, Australia x 1 pack
Matthew Ball, Nurse Practitioner Candidate, Adaire Clinic, Noarlunga 5168, South Australia
Matthew Pommeranz (1 pack plus 13 copies of Victim to Victor), Hearing Voices Support Group, Bayside Initiatives Group, Capalaba, Queensland, Australia
Michele Thomas, Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia
Michele Burnlar & Paula Wade, Bentley Villas (St Bartholomew’s House), Bentley, Western Australia, Australia
Michael Allen, Midland Professional Centre, Midland WA, Australia
Midland Hearing Voices Group, WA, Australia
Mind Recovery College Southern Campus, College in Cheltenham, Victoria
Mind Recovery College Bendigo campus, Morley Johnson Building, Bendigo, Victoria
Mind Recovery College, Wodonga Campus, Birralee Neighbourhood House, Wodonga, Victoria
Mind Recovery College, Mile End Campus, Mile End, South Australia
Miren Kruse (Living with voices book), Counselling & Support Services, 21 Victoria Street, Coburg, VIC, Australia

Ngulla Mia Hearing Voices Group, WA, Australia
Nicky Carey, Brisbane, Australia
Nicole Goulter Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Mental Health Centre, Herston, Qld, Australia

Orange Hearing Voices Network Steering Committee,c/o Mariko Ward and Sally Taylor, Orange Health Service, Orange, Australia

Pearl Fernandes, STARTTS, Fairfield, NSW, Australia
Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHAMS) Team, Geraldton, WA, Australia

Recovery Rocks Voices Group, WA, Australia
Recovery College, TAFE SA – Noarlunga Campus Ramsay Place, Noarlunga Centre, Australia
Robyn Shields, Deputy Commissioner, Mental Health Commission of NSW, Australia
Ron McCromiskey, United Care West, Perth, Australia
Ros Thomas, Gateway Community Health, Victoria, Australia

Sam Jemison, Aftercare, PHaMs Support Worker, Moorooka, Brisbane, Australia
Sandy Hart, Port Macquarie, Australia
Scott Tolhurst, Acting Associate Clinical Services Coordinator, Margaret Tobin Centre, Bedford Park, SA, Australia
Shay Gilbert, Peer Worker, Flourish Australia, ‪ Surry Hills, NSW‬, Australia
Sophie Pettit, Hearing Voices @ Morier Ward Noarlunga Hospital, South Australia
Stephanie Brown, PIR Support Facilitator,  Southern Adelaide-Fleurieu-Kangaroo Island Medicare Local Limited, Clovelly Park, SA, Australia

Toby Best, Monash Mental Health Program, Dandenong Hospital, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia
Toni Medew, Ringwood, Victoria, Australia
Tess Biasion, Tuckeroo – Byron Sub Acute Mental Health Unit, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
Tracey Whalen, Occupational Therapist, Morrisset Hospital, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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Adri Dias, Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil
Alisson Chrystian de Oliveira Campelo, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Analice de Lima Palombini, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Aroca Terezinha, Piracaba, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Carla Guanaes-Lorenzi, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brasil
Clayton dos Santos, Campinas/SP, Brasil

Daiana Paula Milani Baroni, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Daniel Goulart, Asa Sul, Brasília, Brazil

Eduardo, Ribierao Preto, Brasil

Fabiano Leirias, Poço Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil

Gregorio Donizeti, Meireles-Fortaleza, Brazil
Gregório Freire, Meireles, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Imperatriz Mental Health Department, Brasil x 2
Institute of Psychology, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil x 2

Juliana Santos, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Katia Yendo, Araraquara, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Lara Emanuela Neiv, Ilhota, Teresina, Piauí, Brazil
Leonardo Duarte, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil x 2
Lygia Cabanas, Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brasil
Luana Gaigher, Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brasil
Luciana Vieira Caliman, Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brasil

Marília Isabela, Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil
Martha Lages Rodrigues, Projeto Ouvidores de Vozes São João del Rei, Bairro Dom Bosco, São João del Rei, BRASIL
Merielli Campi Partelli, Espirito Santo, Brasil

Nazareth Malcher, Taguatinga Sul, Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brasil
Nigia Pessoa dos Santos, Manaus, Amazonia, Brazil

Pablo Sade Valente, Marilia, Brasil
Prof Dr. Octavio Domont de Serpa Jr. Botafogo, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
Pedro Henrique Rodrigúez, Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, Brasil
Priscilla Pires Da Silva, Uberlândia, MG, Brazil

Rafaela Sales, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Revata Vascimento P0zziatto, Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brasil
Rosangela Aufiero, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Prof Sabrina Stafanello, Curitiba/Paraná, Brazil

Wellington Santos Silva, Brasil

Vanessa, Rua Luís Carlos Prestes, Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brasil
Victor Hugo Faritas da Silva, Natal- RN, Brasil
Vanessa Ruffatto Gregoviski, São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
Walter Mello & Daiana P M Baroni, Grupo de Ouvidores de Vozes de São João del Rei, Universidade Federal de São João del Rei, Brazil

Yaiago Savietto Polli, Itatiba, Sáo Paulo, Brasil

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Anthony Prussky, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brenda LeFrancois, St. John’s NL, Canada

Jennifer Wynne, CMHA Durhamm Oshawa, ON, Canada
Joan Grandbois, Ontario, Canada
Julie Huntington, St Philips, NL, Canada

Kevin Healey, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Marcie Celsie, Housing Support Worker, Habitat Services, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Matthew Sarbit, Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, Winnipeg, Canada
Mike Edwards, Gods Lake Narrows Nursing Station, Narrows, Manitoba, Canada

Renea Mohammed, Peer Support Program, Vancouver Mental Health & Addiction Services, Vancouver, Canada X 4
Russell Grigaitis, Leduc, AB, Canada

Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sherry Milotte, Patient/Client and Family Council, Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada
St Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton,  Ontario, Canada

Voices Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Adele Serin-Flanagan, Early Intervention Team, Severnfields Health Village, Shrewsbury, England, UK
Aimee Smart, Assistant Psychologist,Early Intervention Service, Hereford, England
Alan Barry, The Lodge, Middlesbrough, England, UK
Alone Ainsworth, Swinton, Manchester, England, UK
Amanda Tromans, Support Worker, Shropshire Mind, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, UK
Amitola communities, York, England
Amy Wright, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Psychosis Service, The Gables, Braintree, Essex, England, UK
Adina Bibica, Birmingham, England, UK
Agnieszka Burban, Community Mental Health Team – NW, London, England, UK
Aimee Lee Smith, Recovery service, The Coast Resource C entre,Weston Super-Mare, England, UK
Andrew Deller, Lifecraft, The Bath House, Cambridge, England, UK
Andrew Barkla, The Bridge Collective CIC, Exeter, England, UK
Andrew McCulloch, Mental Health Foundation, London, England, UK
Dr Andrew Horan, North Mental Health Recovery Service, Northlands Health Centre, Sheffield, UK
Andy Cook,, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Secure and Forensic Services, Hellingly Centre, East Sussex, England, UK
Anna Arabskyj, Soteria House Coordinator, Leeds, England, UK
Anne Whiteley, Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, UK
Anne-Marie Lynn, Sunderland, Tyne-Wear, England, UK
Astrid Perez-Lyons, Somerset Partnership Talking Therapies Service, Pearl House, Church Street, Bridgwater, Somerset, England, UK

Becky Steel, Intensive Resettlement Worker, St Martins‪ 35 Bishopgate, Norwich, England, UK‬
Bertha Rogers, Clinical Psychologist, Vision Mental Healthcare, Borehamwood, England, UK
Bev Holden, Stafford, England, England, UK
Bill Newman, Peer and Deputy Services Manager, Community Resource Centre, Southwick, England, UK
Bradley Jones, Peer support worker, Bristol Early Intervention team,
Bristol, England, UK
Brighton & Hove Recovery College Campus, Brighton, England, UK
Broadway North Resource Centre, Broadway North, Walsall, West Midlands, England, UK
Bryan McElroy, Bristol, England, UK
Blue Sci, Seymour Grove, Old Trafford, Manchester, UK

Cailzie Dunn, Clinical Psychologist Wrekin CMHT, Fuller House, Hall Court, Telford, England, UK
Cara Hawke, Shenton Pk, Australia
Carol Dugdale, Edgeley, Stockport, England, UK (3 packs)
Cassie Hazell, Hearing Voices Brighton, Mind Brighton & Hove, Brighton, England, UK
Cat Taylor, Off The Record, Bristol, England, UK
Chris Noble, Oxford, England
Central & North West London Recovery college, 2nd Floor, Stephenson House, London, England, UK
Cheony Barnes, Colchester CAMHS, North Essex Partnership University Foundation Trust, Colchester, England, UK
Chris Harrison, Senior Support Worker, The Dexters, York, England, UK
Chris Harrison, Team Leader, Christmas Lodge Residential Care Home, England, UK
Clare James, West Sussex, England
Claire Miller, Care Coordinator, Early Intervention In Psychosis Service, Manchester, England
Clare Sharkey, Bolton Hearing Voices, MhIST, Hanover House, Hanover Street, Bolton, England
Clare McGuinn, Aredale Centre for Mental Health, Keighley, England, UK
Cromwell House CMHT, Eccles, Manchester, England, UK
Colleen Swinden, Shropshire Counselling Service, Redbook House, Whitchurch, Shropshire, England , UK

Darren Williamson, Sir Sydney Hamburger Unit, Park House, North Manchester General Hospital, Manchester, England, UK
Dawn, Manchester, England, UK
Dave Donlevy, Mental Health Support Worker, Chester, England, UK
Deborah Gallacher, Project Worker – East Herts Mind Network, The Well-Being Centre, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, England, UK x 2
Devon Recovery Learning Centre, Devon Partnership NHS Trust, Wonford House Hospital, Exeter, England, UK

Eleanor Gilbert, Cafe Essence, Edgeley, Stockport, England, UK x 2
Early Intervention in Psychosis Team, Blandford hospital, Blandford Forum, Dorset, England, UK
Dr Emma Mair, Clinical Psychologist, Marston House, St Georges Hospital, Stafford, England, UK
Emma Henderson, Mental Health Team, The Oaks, , HMP Holme House, Stockton England, UK
Emma Hamlett, Curator (Exhibitions), Culture Durham University, Palace Green Library, Durham x 3 packs, England, UK
Dr Emma Groves, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, Forensic Learning Disability and Autism Secure Services, Middlesbrough, England, UK
The Employment Academy and Southwark Wellbeing Hub, Southwark, England, UK
Erica Batuleviciute, Woolwich Dockyard, London, UK
Errol Hewitt, Bedminster, Bristol, England, UK

Fiona Malpass, Rayleigh, Essex, England, UK
Fiona MaCCallum, Creative Minds, Northallerton, England, UK
Frances, Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK

Gay Coleman, CANTERBURY, England, UK
Gaynor Preece,, Shrewsbury, England, UK x 2
Geoff Warren, Scarborough, England, UK
Gemma Cox, The Redwood Centre, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury, England, UK
Gemma Hendry, Clinical Psychologist and Systemic Practitioner, Peterborough, England, UK

Hackney Recovery Teams, London, England UK (5 packs)
Hayley John, Berkhamsted, Herts, England, UK
Hearing Voices Prison Project, Camden Mind, London, England, UK
Hearing voices Group, Jewish Care and JAMI, London, England, UK
Helen Ford, Community Occupational Therapist, Fairnington Centre, Hexham General Hospital, Hexham, England, UK

Ignacio Menendez, Coventry, England, UK
[email protected], Lincoln, England, UK

Janet Lambley, Redhill, East Surrey HV Group, England, UK
Jason Smith Hearing Voices Group Trafford, Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre, Seymore Grove, Old Trafford, England, UK x 1 pack
Jayne Sanderson, Support and Development Officer, The Learning Support Centre and Jotters, Leicester, England, UK
Jenna Robson, Clinical Psychologist, CIT Psychosis team, West Park Hospital, Darlington, England, UK
Jennie McCreight, Employment Training and Education Coordinator, WY-FI ETE Team, Touchstone, Leeds, England, UK
Jennie McCieght, Employment Training and Education Coordinator, Dewsbury Business Centre, Dewsbury, England, UK
Jessica Gillespie, Assistant Psychologist, Devon Partnership NHS Trust, Chichester House, Langdon Hospital, Dawlish, Devon, England, UK
Jessica Brown, Erdington, Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Jessica Rosk, Manchester, England, UK
James Wooldridge, Recovery Devon, SOUTH MOLTON, England, United Kingdom
Joanne Robinson, Senior Clinical Psychologist, East Lancashire Child & Adoelscent Service, Burnley General Hospital, Burnley, England, UK
Joanne White, Swinton, Manchester, England, UK
Joanna Saddington, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, St Georges Hospital, Stafford, England, UK
Dr Jonathan Buhagiar, Donald Winnicott Centre, London, England, UK
Dr Joy Rooney, Keith Winter House, Catshill, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England
Julie Thorborn, Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, Shrewsbury, England

Kate Crawford, Blackely, Manchester, England, UK
Katherine Noble, Broadway Lodge, Weston Super Mare, England, UK
Kay Weatherley, Arch Recovery College, St Margaret’s Health Centre, Crossgate, England, United Kingdom
Dr Kinga Komarzynska, Mental Health Inreach Team Psychologist, Inclusion, HMP Bullingdon, Bicester, England, UK

Lancashire Hearing Voices Network, Fleetwood, Lancashire, England, UK
Laura-Ann Hartley, Carers Worker, Blackpool Recovery Service, Blackpool, England, UK
Larry Andrew, Birch Ward, Redwood Centre, Shrewsbury, England, UK
Lawford Clough, Senior Operational Lead Tower Hamlets Centre for Mental Health, England, UK x 10
Leicestershire Recovery College, Glenfield Hospital Site, Groby Road, Leicester, UK
Lindsay Rook, Occupational Therapist, Mental Health Team, Exeter, England, UK
Lisa Graham, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist/Specialist Practitioner, Psychosis and Bipolar Psychological Care Network, The Gateway Mental Health Service, The Stadium, Blackpool, England, UK
Liz Batchelor, Support Worker, Midpoint, Stevenage, Herts, England, UK
Liz Frayn, Consultant psychiatrist, The Cedars, Exeter, England, UK
Lucy Holt, Clinical Psychologist, England, UK x 2
Lucy Page, Liverpool, England, UK
Lynn Barrett, Manager, SPARC, Stockport, Cheshire, England, UK

Madeline Donnachie, Community Learning Disability Service, Dawley, Telford, England, UK
Madeleine Mee, Cove Ward, Berrywood Hospital, Berrywood Drive, Duston, UK
Maggie Stronach, Sycamore House,  York, England, UK
Manchester Organic Recovery Community, Manchester
Manchester Carers in Action, Rethink, Manchester, England, UK
Mental Health Resource Centre, Enfield, London, England, UK
Mersey Care Recovery College, The Life Rooms, Evered Avenue, Walton, Liverpool, England, UK
Michael Laughton, Creative Support Hearing Voices Group, The Lighthouse, Cleveleys, Lancashire, England, UK
Michelle Desmier, Juniper Ward, The Longfox Unit, Western General Hospital, Weston-super-Mare, England, UK
Michelle Wilson, Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service, Halton, Leeds, England, UK
Miriam Eissa, Mental Health Support Worker, Tottenham Centre, College of Haringey, Enfield, North East London, High Road, London, UK
Mind, National Association of Mental Health, England, UK
Miranda Butter (CMHN), North East Shropshire Community Mental Health Team, The Cottage Hospital, Market Drayton, Shropshire, UK
Morwenna Roberts, Applewood House, Swindon, England, UK

Neil Moreton, Barnsley Hearing Voices Group, Barnsley, England, UK
Neil Callan, 7 Briarswood close, Whiston, L35 3UY, England, UK
Neil Caton, 20 Clough Lane, Chorley, Lancashire. England, UK
Newcastle Recovery College, Broadacre House, Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK
Nicola Metcalf, Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridgeshire,England, UK
Nicola Hartley, Holly Court, 10 Foundry St, Little Lever, Bolton, England, UK
Nigel Selwood, Shelton Whittington Ward, Marches Unit, Bicton, England, UK Heat, Shrewsbury, UK
Nigel Durkan, Upper Mill, England, UK
North Shrewsbury Community Mental Health Team, Shrewsbury, England, UK
Nottingham Recovery College, Duncan Macmillan House, Mapperley, Nottingham, England, UK

Olga Dos Santos, Clinical Psychologist, Bristol, England, UK x 1 pack

Owen Stevens, Silk House Practice, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, UK
Ortus learning centre, Denmark Hill, London, England, UK

Pat O’Driscoll, General Manager, Mental Health Community Support Services, Islington Mind, London, England, UK
Paul Ashton, Exeter, England, UK
Paul Jenkins, Rethink Mental Illness, London, England, UK
Paul Nosworthy, Lipson, Plymouth, Devon, England, UK
Pip Stephenson, Lancaster, Lancashire, England, UK
P‪aula Mulvey‬, PJ’s House‪, Blackpool, England, UK‬
Polly Sutherland, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, England, UK
Plymouth Recovery College, Plymouth & District MIND, Greenbank, Plymouth, England, UK
Positive Pathways Northumberland, Ashmore House, Ashington, Northumberland, England, UK
Psycope, Hampshire, England, UK
Psychological Therapies Team, Longdon House, Telford, Shropshire, England, UK

Rachael Sellers, The Priory Hospital, Dewsbury, England, UK
Dr Rachel Lucas, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, The Redwoods Centre, Shrewsbury, England, UK
Rebecca Nee, Somerset Team for Early Psychosis, Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Taunton, Somerset, England, UK
Recovery College Administrator, Norfolk And Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Stowmarket, UK
Recovery College Administrator, Cygnet Hospital, Godden Green, Sevenoaks, Kent, England, UK
Recovery College, Thomas Lewis House, Southampton, England, UK
Recovery College Derby, London Road, Derby, England, UK
Recovery College, Croftlands Trust, Carlisle, England, UK
Recovery College, Mind in Bexley, Bexley Heath, England, UK
Recovery College Quayside House, Oldbury, England, UK
Recovery College for All, Uffculme Centre, Moseley, Birmingham, England, UK
Recovery College, Kings Cross, London, UK
Recovery College, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Lowestoft, England, UK
Recovery College, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Chatterton House, Goodwins Road, King’s Lynn, England, UK
Recovery College, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Hellesdon Hospital, Drayton High Road, Norwich, England, UK
Recovery College East Hub, Cambridge, England, UK
Recovery College East, Silver Birch, Gloucester Centre, Orton, England, UK
Recovery Education Centre, Bournemouth, Dorset, England, UK
Recovery College East, 
Silver Birch, 
Gloucester Centre
, Longueville
, Peterborough
, England, UK
Rethink, London, England, UK
Richmond Fellowship England, London, England, UK
Robert Vickerstaff, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Rose Tomlins, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Sutton Cottage Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, England, UK
Roy Stanworth, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, UK x 3
Reward Chiwuta, Chatsworth Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, England, UK

Sandwell Acute Unit Voices Group, Sandwell, England, UK
St Mungo’s Recovery College, Southwark, London, England, UK
St Mungos recovery college, New Street Centre, St Jude, Bristol, England, UK
Sally Ohlsen, Rotherham Early Intervention in Psychosis Service, Rotherham, England, UK
Sane, London, England, UK
Sarah Brennan, Young Minds, London, England, UK
Sarah Bunt, Lee Mill Unit, Plymouth, England, UK
Sara Meddings, East Sussex Hearing Voices Groups, Assertive Outreach Team, St Mary’s House, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, UK
Sarah Reece, Marleston, England, UK
Sasha Priddy, Assistant Psychologist, Cygnet Hospital Kewstoke, Kewstoke, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England, UK
Serena Christie, Crowborough, East Sussex, England, UK
Sharon Bugeja, Peterborough Locality Team, Pembroke House, Gloucester Centre, Peterborough PE2 7JU, England x 1 pack
Sharon Skipper, Loughton Essex, England, UK x 3
Sharon Gilfoyle, Recovery College East, Peterborough, England, UK
Shuresh Patel, Preston, Lancashire, England, UK
South West London and St George’s Recovery College, Springfield University Hospital, Tooting, England, UK
Dr. Stacey Earl, The Linden Centre, Broomfield, Chelmsford, Essex, England
Stacey Mather, Early Intervention in Psychosis Team, Peasley Cross Hospital, St Helens, England, UK
Dr. Stacey Earl, The Linden Centre, Broomfield, Chelmsford, Essex, England
Steve McCormack, England
Stephen Thompson, Whitfield, Buryeater, Manchester, England, UK
Stewart Mason , Mortimer House, Exeter, England, UK
Stockton Hearing Voices Group, Stockton-on-Tees, England, UK
Suffolk Hearing Voices Network,folk, England, UK
Susannah Goddard, NW London, England, UK
Sussex Recovery College, Education and Training, Aldrington House, Hove, England, UK
Sutton Hearing Voices Network, Sutton Mental Health Foundation, Sutton, England, UK
Sunderland Recovery College, Mowbray Park Lodge, Toward Road, Sunderland, England, UK

Wendy Preston, Assertive Outreach Team, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, UK

Vicky Atkinson, Millbrook Independent Hospital, Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, UK
Vicki Snow, Peterborough & Fenland Mind, Bretton Centre, Peterborough x 1 pack

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Adi HASANBAŠIĆ, Association “METANOIA”, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina x 2 packs
Arnfríður Hanna Hreinsdóttir, Eiðistorg, Iceland
Akiko Hart, Brussels, Belgium

Bojan Dekleva, Projekt Slišanje glasov, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Carmen, Spain
Catia Chiappa, Social Educator, Mental Health Centre, Via Arturo Toscanini , Albano laziale, Roma, Italy
Cristina Ristea, Brothers of Charity, Iasia, Romania
Christian Burr, Bern, Switzerland
Christian Johansen, Asker, Norway

EXIT-sozial, Lintz, Austria

Fanin Maria, Cooperativa Sociale Nuova Idea, Abano Teme, Italy

Germán, Murcia, Spain

Hearing Voices Network, Finland

Ivan Barry, Berlin, Germany
Iván Torres Viejo, Asturias, Spain x 1 pack

Jan Drobny, FOKUS PRAHA, PRAHA, Czech Republic
Jannicke Vaabenø, Røyse, Norway
Juan Pablo Garcia Fernandez, La Herradura, Granada, Spain x 1 pack
Juliane Spitta, Stuttgart, Germany
Juš Škraba, Coimbra, Portugal

Kaja Jensen, Søvind, Horsens, Denmark
Karataferis Lykourgos, HVN Athens, Greece
Kristina Ristic, Novi Bečej, Serbia

Lee Little, Farum, Denmark
Levina Nelli Borisovna, New choices, Moscow, Russia
Luc De Bry, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium
Lucie Guyaux, Brussels, Belgium

Maria Evripidou, Larnaca, Cyprus
Marina Beteva, Moscow
, Russia
Maarten Warson, Belguim
Mina Aleksic, Beograd, Serbia x 2

Paulann Grech, Faculty of Health Sciences, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

Renzo Bonn, Udini, Italy
Roberto Mezzine, Trieste, Italy
Roya Aliyeva,Baku, Azerbaijan

Vladimir Jorvik, Belgrade, Serbia
Valentina Alexa, Bucharest, Romania
Violette Perez-Arda, Caen, France

Yann Derobert, Rev Hearing Voices Network France, France

Zuzana Šilhanová, Brno, Czech Republic

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Dr Anita Turley, Finglas Community Mental Health Team, Finglas, Dublin, Ireland
Aisling Stapleton, Kildare West Wicklow Mental Health Services, St Marys, Naas Co. Kildare, Ireland x 1 pack
Angela Carrazza, South Lee Mental Health Service, Cork University Hospital, Wilton, Cork, Ireland
Anna Devlin, Recovery College, Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, Castle Bar, Co Mayo, Ireland

Barrie Macvicar, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland
The Basin Club, SHINE – Supporting People Affected by Mental Ill Health, Dublin, Ireland
Bernadette Bushe, Dublin, Eire
Brid Foley, Staff nurse, Blackrock Hall PCC, Blackrock, Ireland

Dublin North East Recovery College The Healthy Living Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Elaine Browne, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Eoin Toomey, Co Dun na nGall, Ireland

Grace Slattery and Geraldine Boyle, Ravenscourt,, St. Finbarrs hospital,Douglas, Cork, Ireland

Jane Robinson, Woodlands Wellness Hub, Whiteabbey Hospital, Co.Antrim, Ireland
Joan Higgins, Curraghadooey, Co Mayo, Eire
John Murphy, Cavan, Monaghan, Ireland
Julie Gahan, Staff Grade Occupational Therapist, Lakeview Unit, Naas, County Kildare, Ireland x 1 pack

Lisa Browne, Home Based Treatment Team, Blackrock Hall Primary Care Centre, Mahon, Co. Cork, Ireland

Lucinda Toal, Recovery College, Belfast City Hospital, Lisburn Road, Belfast

Maeve Kenny, Psychotherapy Service, St Vincent’s Hospital & St Joseph’s Adolescent Services, Dublin, Ireland
Mark O’Mahoney, Cluain Mhuire Services, Dublin, Ireland
Mary Kennedy, Co Mayo, Ireland
Melissa, Ballymoney Mental Health Resource Centre, Ballymoney, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Mental Health Ireland, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Michael Ryan, Cork, Ireland
Michelle Dalton, Macroom, Co.Cork, Ireland x 3 (three new groups)

Nicola Kaveney, Occupational Therapist, Adult Community Mental Health Longford, Community Mental Health Centre, Longford, Ireland x 1 pack

Olive Young, Recovery College, Omagh, Ireland

Peter McBride, Chief Executive, Niamh, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Recovery College, MDEC Building, Altnagelvin Area Hospital site, Glenshane Road, Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Recovery College, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Renew, County Wicklow, Ireland

Sandra Leadbetter,  Staff Nurse, Activities Programme, St Louises Ward, St Vincents Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Shane Kelly, Mental Health Day Hospital, Our Ladys Hospital, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

William Gallagher, County Donegal, Ireland

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New Zealand
Adrienne Giacon/ HVNANZ, Point Chevalier, Auckland, New Zealand

Alison Ford, Canterbury District Health Board, Christchurch, New Zealand

Daniel Oatridge, Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand

Diante Fuchs, Whangarei Hospital, Whangarei, New Zealand

Egan Bidois, Oasis Network, Hutt City, New Zealand

Hamilton Hearing Voices Support Group, Hamilton, New Zealand

Karyn Black, Auckland, New Zealand

Laura Padgett, Christchurch, New Zealand

Nathan Phillips, Community Mental Health and Addiction Services, CBD Towers, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Rob Warriner, Walsh Trust, Waitakere City, New Zealand

Umuhuri Matehaere, Tauranga, New Zealand

Vicki Parker, Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand

Werimu Alister, Wellington Young Peoples Service, New Zealand x 2

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Barrie Wylie, Edinburgh, Scotland

Catch 22, Shetland Isles, Scotland, UK
Community Rehabilitation Team, Galasheils, Scotland, UK
Christine Brown, AMH Rehab, RCH, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

David Duke, CEO, SAMH, Glasgow, UK
Dunoon Link Club, Dunoon, Scotland, UK

Edinburgh Recovery College. Simpson House, 52 Queen Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Hannah Knight, Western Isle Community Care Forum, Training and Assessment Officer.
Room 14, Council Offices, Tarbert, Isle of Harris, Scotland, UK
Isabella Goldie, Mental Health Foundation Scotland (Glasgow Office), Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Lerwick Hearing Voices Group, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland, UK

Mindspace recovery College, 18-20 York Place, Perth, Scotland, UK

Nick Bettany, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Nigel Henderson, Chief Executive, Penumbra, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Paul Hammersley, Tesito House, Manchester, England, UK
Penumbra, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK

Recovery College, The Pan, Lanarkshire, University West Scotland Hamilton Campus, Hamilton, Scotland, UK
Richmond Fellowship Scotland, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK
Ruth Living, Clinical, Lead Occupational Therapist, Southend Occupational Therapy Service, Harland, Centre Westcliff on Sea, Essex, England, UK

Simon Bradstreet, Network Director, Scottish Recovery Network, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Shetland Link, Shetland Isles, Scotland, UK
Shetland Community Team, Shetland Isles, Scotland, UK
4 individual packs for voice hearers in the Shetland Isles

Time and Space, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

West Scotland Recovery College, Paisley Campus, Renfrew Rd, Paisley, Scotland, UK

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Central and South America
Gisela Antonelli, Córdoba, Argentina
Gustavo Lipovetsky, Zabala, CABA, Argentina
Ítalo Latorre and Carolina Letelier, PRANAS, Chile
Kimberly Paukstis, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
Linda J. Brown, Colonia San Antonio, Mexico
Magali Rache, Lavert Madero, Sinaloa, Mexico
Nelson Jimenez, Estancias de San Fernando, Puerto Rico
Mariana Fuxman, Echeverría, CABA, Argentina

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Aaron W Benson, Salem, Oregon, USA
Albert Garzia People Inc, Minnesota HVN, Minneapolis, USA x 4
Alexa Milano, Ventnor, New Jersey, USA
Alicia Gould, Walhalla,, South Carolina, USA
Amanda Byzak, CA 92083, USA
Amy Dwyer, Eliot CHS, Malden, MA, USA
Amy Johannsen, RSC, Crestwood behavioral Health, Eureka, California, USA
Amy MacDonald-Wojcik, New Hope Recovery Centre of Lake County, Zion, Illinois, USA
Andy Semler, St Louis, MO, USA
Angela Yocum, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Specialist The Teen Diversion Program, Aberdeen, MD, USA
A.R.E. Inc., of Jackson, Jackson, Michigan, USA
Ashley Cox, Mental Health Centers of Central, Springfield, IL, USA

Becky Brennan, Lebanon PA, USA
Beth Vayshenker, New York NY, USA
Berta Britz, Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA x 5
Brandi Brussel, Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM, USA
Brenda Nicholson, Colma, California, USA

Catherine Skipper, Arroyo Seco, New Mexico, USA
Chava Sulam Mendelsohn, QMHA Hearing Voices Group c/o Coos Health and Wellness, Coos Bay, OR, USA
Cheryl Thapa, Regions Hospital Mental Health, St. Paul, MN 55101, USA
Christopher Perkins, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Cyrus D. Greene, co-occurring Rehabilitation Coordinator Nashville, TN, USA

Diana Babcock, Rensselaer, New York, USA
Danielle N. Fagan, Quality Improvement, Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health, Upper Darby, PA, USA x 1 pack
Dan Kuljian, Adult Mental Health Services, Santa Maria,USA

Emily McDougall, Silver Spring Hearing Voices Group, Silver Spring, USA
Eric Ayers, Eagleville Hospital, Eagleville, PA, USA

Faith Anacker, Westby, WI, USA

Hearing Voices Chicago, Elgin, IL, USA
Holly Nichols, Colorado Springs, USA
Hugh Cole, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Iris Anderson, Certified Peer Support Specialist, Philhaven, Mt. Gretna, PA, USA

Jan Kell, NAMI Southwest Washington, Vancouver, USA
Jane Turner, Clinical Social Worker, Edwards Unit, Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Jane Wilkerson Pensacola, Florida, USA
Janie Marsh, Abacus Program, McMinnville, Oregon, USA
Jason Langman, Palos Hills, IL USA
Jeannie Bass, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA
Jeff Blackford, Executive Director, C.H.A.N.C.E. Albany, Oregon, USA
Jeffrey Gianelli, Turning Point ISA, Modesto, CA, USA
Jenna Marshall, New York, NY, USA
Jerry Strausbaugh, Executive Director, Appleseed CMHC, Ashland,
Ohio, USA
John Juston, New Hope Community Outreach Center, Dallas Oregon, USA
John Owen, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
J.Michael Thompson, Upatoi, Georgia, USA

Karen Kieffer, Director of Rehabilitation and Recovery, DMH Northeast Suburban Area, Tewksbury, MA, USA
Karen Rosenthal, Director of Training, Community Access, New York, USA
Kate Hill, Portland, Oregon, USA
Kellie Davies, St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources, St. Louis, USA
Kenneth Blatt, M.D. West Hartford, Ct. USA
Khadija Moyer, Junction City Oregon, USA
Kim Wing, Minneapolis, USA
Kristen Williams, Randolph, Vermont, USA
Kristy Lungo, Hilo, Hawaii, USA

Lani Eberhardt, San Francisco, Ca. USA
Laurie Goldman, Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey (CSPNJ), Freehold, NJ, USA
Leslie Jones and Brandi Brussel, Southwestern College, 3960 San Felipe Road, Santa Fe, USA
Lewis Mehl Madrona, Coyote institute, Vermont, USA
Lorraine McKenzie, Peace Health Young Adult Behavioral Health Services, Eugene, OR, USA

Marilyn Johnson, Tewksbury Hospital, Rehabilitation Department, Tewksbury, MA, USA
Marie Hansen, Jefferson Market Library, New York, USA
Mark Leonard, Resources for Human Development, Boston, USA x 2
Mary Jo Fortes, CPS, Supervisor, Program Support and Peer Bridging, Northeast Recovery Learning Community, Northeast Independent Living Program, Inc, USA
Mary Abbott, Buffalo, NY, USA
Mary Strong Jackson, The Life Link, Santa Fe, NM, USA x 2
Mary Ruth Mitchell, Lawton, Michigan, USA
Maureen Cuscuna Northeast Recovery Learning Community, Northeast Independent Living Program, Lawrence, MA, USA
Meghan Caughey, Peer and Wellness Services, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, Portland, Oregon, USA
Michael Wick, Senior Reference Librarian, Peabody Institute Library, Peabody, MA, USA
Mike Griffin, Asheville, N.C., U.S.A.
Minette Smith, Cathlame, WA, USA

Nancy Tyler, Miami/NAMI Hearing Voices Group, Homestead, FL, USA
Nancy Metzger, San Bernardino, California, USA
Nickole Rowland, Protocall Services, Portland, Oregon, USA

Orion Martin, Eugene, Oregon USA x 1 pack

Patty Bolton, North Fort Myers, Fl., USA
Pat Hayes, Illinois DHS/Division of Mental Health, Springfield, IL, USA
Phil Schulman, Minister, Lakeland UU Fellowship, Wayne NJ, USA

Terri Satoris, Imperium Peer network, New York
Timothy John Iddings, Apple Valley, California, USA
Tim Smith, Portland, Oregon, USA x 1 pack
Tami Gatta, New York, USA

Richard Sherlock, Peer Support, South Beach, Oregon, USA
Richard Malvey Mid Hudson Recovery Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
Richelle Hunter, Resources for Human Development, Philadelphia2
Robert Zimmerman, Windermere, Florida, USA
Ronald Kraemer (3 packs), 2431 Coral ave APT A, Salem, Oregon, USA
Ron Unger, Eugene, Oregon, USA
Royann Johnson, Danbury CT,USA

Sakinah Northern, NWRN-Recovery Specialist, Mental Helath Association of Westchester, TarryTown, New York, USA
Santa Barbara Hearing Voices Group, Santa Barbara, California, USA
Simona Vazquez, Adult Rehabilitation, Lifeworks NW, Gresham, OR, USA
Stacey Roberts, Ashland, Ohio, USA
Stephanie Cruz, California, USA
Steve Johnson, Dr. Byron Center, Michigan, USA

Tami Gatta New York, NY, USA
Takato, Japanese HVN, Los Angeles, California, USA
Tricia Kregg, Hearing Voices Support Group, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Teresa Kirchner, ADAPT Program, Vancouver, WA, USA
The transformation Centre, Roxbury, MA, USA

Victor Vosen, Hearing Voices Coffee Clutch/Klatch, Clark Fork, ID, USA

Western Mass Recovery Learning Community, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA
Wilfredo Juan Baez, Vestal, New York, USA

Zachery Jackson, New York, New York, USA
Zachary Eveland, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Action for Children, ’2 Talk 2′ School Based Counselling Service, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Bill Walden-Jones, Chief Executive, Hafal, Neath, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK
Beverley Holbrook, Abergavenny, Wales, UK
Dr Brian Pert, Fendrod Ward, Cefn Coed Hospital, Swansea, Wales

Carol Hughes, Cwmbwrla Day Centre, Cwmbwrla, Swansea, Wales, UK
Caroline David, PSI Specialist, Community Mental Health Team, Ty Derbyn, Maelor Hospital, Wrexham, Wales, UK
Chris and Helena Parker, Aberporth, Cardigan, West Wales, UK
Christine Jones, Recovery Practitioner, Hafal Porthmadog, Porthmadog, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
Community Mental Health Team Area 2, Swansea, Wales, UK
Claire Griffiths, Cefn Yr Afon Rehabilitation Unit, Bridgend, Wales
Caroline Hoskins, FACTS team, Litchard House, Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, Wales
Claire Keddy, Bridgend North CMHT, Maesteg Hospital, Neath Road, Bridgend, Wales
Claudia Evison, Cathays, Cardiff, Wales, UK
Crisis Recovery Unit, Cwmbwrla Day Centre, Swansea, Wales, UK

Dean Waters, Community Independence Service, Bespoke Enterprises. Neath Abbey, Wales, UK
Dr Daniel R. Stubbings, Cardiff, Wales, UK
David Williams, MHC, Wales, UK
Debbie Lawrence, Newport, Wales, UK
Dyfed Griffiths, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
Deborah Hall, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, EMDR Consultant Brynmair Clinic, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK

Emily Hill Elm ward Hafan Y Coed, University Hospital Llandough, Llandough, Wales, UK
Emma Thomas, Carelink Homecare Services, Conwy, Wales, UK
Emma Perkins, CMHN, Inreach Team, HMP Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales
Erin Smith, Ward Manager, Glanrhyd Hospital, Bridgend, Wales

Gareth Shaw, Senior Support Worker, The Wallich/Y Wallich, Llanelli, Wales x 2
Gemma O’Brien, Gwent Forensic Psychiatry Service, St Cadoc’s Hospital, Caerleon, Newport, Wales x 2
Gwen O’Connor, Clinical Psychologist, Taith Newydd Low Secure Hospital, Glanrhyd Hospital, Bridgend, Wales

Hafal Tenby Resource Initiative, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
Mr. Hugh Tribe, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
Iwan Hilton, Gofal, Bridgend, Wales, UK
Katrina Howat, Helpline Services, Romano, Wrexham, Wales, UK

Jenna L. Ivey, Rhondda Community Mental Health Service, Pentre, South Wales, UK x 1 pack
Jenny Sims, Pembrokeshire Frame Ltd, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
Jessica Cartwright, West Cross, Swansea, Wales, UK
John Carden, Treuddyn, Mold, Flintshire, Wales, UK

Joshua Walker, Plas Brith, Dolgellau, Wales, UK
Mrs Julie Pavett, Neath, Wales, UK

Kevin Sweeney, Open Access caseworker, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK (x2)
Kristel Davies, Prison IN-Reach Team, Taith Newydd Hospital, Pen-y-fai, Bridgend, Wales

Larry Andrew CRHT Support Worker Crisis team Park Lane Newtown Powys, Wales, UK
Laura Freeman, Clinical psychologist, Cefn yr Afon rehabilitation unit, Bridgend, Wales
Laura Moulding, Cefn Golau, Tredegar, Gwent, South Wales, UK
Lindsey Foyster, Mind Cymru, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Lorraine McKenzie, Peace Health Young Adult Behavioral Health Services, Eugene, OR, USA
Lowri Emlyn, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, Wales, UK
Louisa Jones, Llanarth Court Hospital, Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales
Luke Stevens, Canolfan Plant Llangefni Children’s Centre, Llangefni, Anglesey, Wales, UK

Madelaine Watkins,Deputy Ward Manager, Assessment and Recovery Unit, University Hospital Llandough, Llandough, South Wales, Wales, UK
M.A.P.S. (Multi Agency Partnership Service), 
Blackwood, Wales, UK
Michelle Pritchard, Health and Well Being Team, CEM Berwyn /HMP Berwyn, Wrexham, Wales, UK (1 pack plus 50 copies of Hearing voices workbook)

New Horizon College, Aberdare, Wales, UK
Nia Williams, Mental Health Tea‪m, Colwyn Bay, Conway‬, Wales, UK

Paula O’ Leary, Merthyr CMHT, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK
Pembrokeshire Mind, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

Ruth Cullen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, West Wales,

Sallie Winters, Llanfair House, Mumbles, Swansea, Wales, UK
Sara Morgan, Clinical Psychologist, Caswell Clinic, Glanrhyd Hospital, Bridgend, South Wales, UK
Shannen Sharp, Port Talbot, Wales
Shayla Richardson, Peer Services Coordinator, Homeless Outreach and Advocay Project (HOAP), Salem, OR, USA
Sian Coleman, Hafal Bridgend, Community Hub, Maesteg, Wales, UK
Sophie Jones, Way already, Swansea, Wales, UK
Sounds Interesting in Brecon, Brecon, Wales, UK
Steve Arnold, Hafal Swansea, Swansea
Sue Proudlove, Ystrad Mynach, Hengoed, Wales, UK
Steve Maddern, Community mental Health Team, Maesteg Community Hospital, Maesteg, Wales
Sue Stradling, Counselling Project Co-ordinator, NPT Mind Association, Neath, Wales
Stuart Ashman, ‪Heath, Cardiff‬, Wales, UK

Timothy Nagle, Inreach team, HMP Cardiff, Wales
Toni Thompson, Caerphilly, Wales, UK

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  1. 60 Fundraising Options for Global Mental Health | in2mentalhealth

    […] Hearing Voices Resource Pack Fund (books, DVDs), Hywel Davies and the Hearing Voices Network Cymru, … The Hearing Voices Resource Pack fund was established by Hywel Davies and the Hearing Voices Network Cymru in 2011. The Fund is intended to ensure information about the hearing voices approach is more widely available throughout the world. The main priority of the Fund is to encourage the development of active hearing voices initiatives at a national and local level. The fund is available to groups and individuals who support the work of the hearing voice movement. The fund will enable over 100 Resource Packs to be disseminated each year that the fund will run until 2015. You can find a list of successful applicants on their site. […]

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