Appearance and Reality

Here are poems from the second book of poetry by Hywel Davies “Appearance and Reality” (2009). Copies cost £5 + p&p from Pembrokeshire Mind (Old Wool Market, Quay Street, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire,  SA61 1BG (01437 – 769982) [email protected]





Bonjour, Monsieur.
Bonjour, Madame.
Ou se trouve Sevenoaks, Monsieur ?
Sevenoaks est dans le Kent, Madame.
Merci, Monsieur. Vous etes tres intelligent.
Merci, Madame. Vous etes tres gentille.

Sevenoaks (French translation)

Good morning, Sir.
Good morning, Madame.
Where is Sevenoaks,Sir?
Sevenoaks is in Kent, Madame.
Thank you,Sir. You are very intelligent.
Thank you,Madame. You are very kind.

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Still deconstructing psychopathology, vicar ?
Well, somebody has to.

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Derrida ?
I couldn’t be bothered.

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Le Surrey

Ou est le Surrey ?
Le Surrey est en Angleterre, Madame.

Surrey (French translation)

Where is Surrey,Sir ?
Surrey is in England,Madame.

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Inventing necessities, Twm ?
Somebody has to, dear.

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The Small Faces

Do you like “Itchy Koo Park” ?
I’ve never been there,Sir.

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Saudi Arabia

Dubai ?
No, it was too expensive.

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Have you ever been buggered ?
No,but I’ve been exhausted a few times.

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Ou se trouve Maenclochog ?
Maenclochog est dans le Pembrokeshire.
Ou est le Pembrokeshire ?
Le Pembrokeshire est dans le Pays de Galles.

Maenclochog (French translation)

Where is Maenclochog ?
Maenclochog is in Pembrokeshire.
Where is Pembrokeshire ?
Pembrokeshire is in Wales.

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Rock ‘N’ Roll

Have you seen my sausage roll ?
No,but I’ve seen your sandwich wink.

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Tom Waits

John sings.
Mary listens.
Is there no end to the revolution ?

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Twentieth Century Psychiatric Orthodoxy

Would you like a friend ?
Well,you can’t have one.

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The Organ – Donor

Would you like to be an organ-donor ?
Why would I want to be an organ-donor ?
Because the chapel does not possess an organ.

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School Reunion

What do you do now, Jenkins ?
I’m a solicitor specialising in international law, Sir.
Where do you live ?
I live in Knightsbridge in London, Sir.
Two cats.
How absolutely fascinating.
What do you do, Perkins ?
I’m a multi,millionaire businessman based in Dubai, Sir.
Married with three children.
How absolutely fabulous. Good for you,old bean.
Thank you, Sir.
And what do you do, Jones-Jeremiah ?
Well,actually, sir, I’m a nutter.
Living in the community in rural Kent.
Well done, Jones-Jeremiah. I knew you’d go far.
Indeed, I did, Sir.
Rural Kent is a long way from Carmarthen Town.
Isn’t community care working well in the United Kingdom nowadays ?
It makes one feel proud to be British.
Indeed it does, Jones Jeremiah.

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Schizophrenic Cares

Would you like a job, Mr. Jones ?
Well, you can’t have one.

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39% of adults in Cymru are in debt.

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40,000 babies
Were born in Zambia
In 2006
With HIV / Aids.

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Is that a poem ?
It’s very good,isn’t it ?
I like to think so.
Did you write it ?
That’s a very good question.
That’s a very good answer.
O dear.
It is in Bala.


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