Hywel Davies pre-1940 Pembrokeshire Postcard Collection

Horse cart

Horse and cart, Amroth


Hywel Davies began to collect pre-1940 Pembrokeshire postcards in 1979. He believes that the first two postcards that he bought as a collector were 1904 coloured distant views of South Sands Beach in Tenby. What made the postcards interesting were the people and the Edwardian beach huts on the beach itself. He began to collect old Pembrokeshire postcards because he was interested in history.



The Arch, Tenby


Hywel’s collection of Pembrokeshire postcards gradually grew over the years and as time passed, he began to collect other postcard themes apart from Pembrokeshire topographical postcards.The non-Pembrokeshire postcard themes collected included Welsh Railway Stations, Welsh Disasters, French Topographical and Social History, Louis Wain, Modern, Philip Boileau inter alia. He collected these themes for a variety of reasons. Welsh Railway Stations, for example, because he believed that the closure of various UK railway stations and UK railway lines were a disastrous mistake in the early 1960s.


Haverford West

Picton Place

The collection contains over 9,000 postcards and is currently in the possession of Pembrokeshire County Council’s Museum Service, and is undergoing preservation procedures and is being fully catalogued.

Hywel Davies donated his collection to the Pembrokeshire County Council’s Museum Service.

Some of the collection which has been catalogued can be found on the Pembrokeshire Virtual Museum website here, and these pages will be updated on a regular basis.

The collection is dedicated to the late Mrs Evelyn Skone, author of ‘Tenby in Old Picture Postcards’.

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