Online Course: Therapy on The Wildside: Working With “Psychosis” And Extreme States of Consciousness

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Online conference (that you can view anytime) that includes presentations by Ron Coleman, Rufus May and Ron Unger from the Hearing Voices Movement.

The paradigms and methods for treating people labeled “psychotic” or who have what could be considered “extreme” states of consciousness is rapidly changing. Thanks to the work of those who have recovered and those who have helped them, we have an ever growing resource of humane and humanizing strategies that allow us to help our clients in ways that bring all of their uniqueness and personhood into the world – without stigma and without pathologizing.

In this online conference, we have brought together people “working in the trenches” day after day with clients who exhibit extremes states of consciousness. They are here to teach you ways of viewing and formulating your own approaches to work most effectively with this group. And in the process, you may find that it positively impacts your ways of working with many of your clients (and yourself) – even those with less extreme symptoms.

How Does This Online Conference Work?

After registering you will have access to a special page that will allow you to download and use each presentation and other materials. Several of the presentations are in video format, but we have also created mp3 audio verions that can be listened to any computer and computer system. Several presentations are audio only. You get a copy of all the materials to keep, you can download them onto your iPod or other audio player or put them on a CD if you want.

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