Hearing Voices Database Research Study Update

Complete The Hearing Voices Survey And Save Lives (Click on title to visit site) Scott Stewart is conducting research into hearing voices (verbal auditory hallucinations – VAH). The efforts being made by The Hearing Voices Database are intended to help people who live with the experience of hearing voices are continuing. We believe that this database of phenomenology will […]

“Lifting the veil”: a qualitative analysis of experiences in Hearing Voices Network groups

This study is by Lauren Oaklanda & Katherine Berrya and was published in July 2014. The study explored participants’ experiences of attending Hearing Voices Network groups. They interviewed 11 participants about their experiences of the groups using semistructured interviews. Interviews were transcribed and analysed using thematic analysis. Five themes emerged: (1) Discovery, relating to initial […]

Emerging Perspectives From the Hearing Voices Movement

  The Schizophrenia Bulletin has published an article entitled “Emerging Perspectives From the Hearing Voices Movement: Implications for Research and Practice” by Dirk Corstens, Eleanor Longden, Simon McCarthy-Jones, Rachel Waddingham5 and Neil Thomas. The article concludes that the “HVM promotes empowerment and validation for voice-hearers and emphasizes a fusion of individual understanding and the fellowship […]

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