We are a member of  INTERVOICE, (more information here) the international organisation representing networks in 35 countries across the world.

Psychic Abilities?


Are you psychic? Could you develop clairvoyant skills or become a medium? There are some schools of thought which hold that we are all psychic to a greater or lesser extent, while others believe that only some people are born with natural psychic skills, or may develop them later in life.

Find out more here.

Hearing Voices Through The Ages

Hearing Voices Through The Ages is a talk given by Hywel Davies at a hotel in Aberystwyth on October 1998 at the launch of the Aberystwyth Hearing Voices Group.

How To Start A Hearing Voices Group

“How to Start A Hearing Voices Group – A Possibility” is a talk given at a seminar in Aberystwyth, held in 1998.



If Poets Are Dreamers by Hywel Davies

“If Poets Are Dreamers” is a song based on a poem written by Hywel Davies in about 1999. The tune is from the Catholic hymn “Colours of Day”.

The song is unaccompanied.

The poem was first published in 2008.

The poem is inspired by the thought that childhood survivors of trauma and/or neglect have a Christian spiritual significance or the potential for such.

The Collection: Poetry by Hywel Davies

Over 50 more poems by Hywel Davies from The Collection (2014) . Go here to read the poems.

The Collection is Mr Davies’s third collection of poetry, following Syllables for Change (2008) and Appearance and Reality (2009).

Some of the poems in The Collection have been published previously.



Reconstructing Beneficence: Mental Health And Progress (1989 – 2008)


‘Reconstructing Beneficence: Mental Health And Progress’ (1989 – 2008) is a selection of speeches, letters and articles presented and written by Hywel Davies between 1989 and 2008.

Click on the link to view or download here:

Reconstructing Beneficence 2008

Butterfly: new poem for 2018



Too beautiful to live

And too precious to die,

He is learning to walk

By then learning to fly.


Hywel Davies


For more poetry by Hywel go here

Half of adults regularly take prescription drugs including antidepressants

A nation of pill poppers: HALF of all adults in England are on prescription drugs for depression and heart disease, damning report reveals

Half of adults regularly take prescription drugs including antidepressants, statins, and high blood pressure pills, a major report has found.

A record 1.1 million prescriptions were handed out last year, a rise of almost 50 per cent in the last decade.

One in seven adults are on statins, a tenth are taking antidepressants and one in seven are on pills to control their blood pressure.

The NHS‘s Health Survey for England also uncovered alarming rates of inactivity, heavy drinking, dieting and poor mental health.

The survey involved 8,011 adults and is carried out every year to represent a snapshot of the population’s health and wellbeing.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th December 2017

Read more here

Hearing Voices Resource Packs Fund 2018

We are pleased to announce that Free Hearing Voices Resource Packs will be available throughout 2018.

The Hearing Voices Information Resource Pack Fund has now been running since 2011.

The Fund will be continued until the end of 2019.

If you would you like to apply for a free resource pack made up of books and DVD’s about the hearing voices approach then Hearing Voices Network Cymru will send you a free pack containing the following:

For Groups

•Living with voices: 50 Voices of Recovery by Marius Romme, Sandra Escher et al
•Hearing Voices : A Common Human Experience by John Watkins
•Children and Voice Hearing by Sandra Escher (if applicable to the needs of the group applying)
•The Working with Voices workbook by Mike Smith and Ron Coleman
•The Voice Inside by Paul Baker
•Setting up and running a hearing voices group DVD and CD set

For Individuals

• The Working with Voices workbook by Mike Smith and Ron Coleman
• The Voice Inside by Paul Baker
plus one DVD and/or book according to the needs of the person applying

Go here for more information or download our leaflet here RESOURCE PACK LEAFLET

The 9th World Hearing Voices Congress 2017 Report


The 9th World Hearing Voices Congress

The World Hearing Voices Congress was held at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts, August 16 – 18. The event celebrated the 30th year of the Hearing Voices movement worldwide and the first time it’s ever been convened on US shores. With 440 participants, it played host to people from 18 countries and 28 US states. Feedback resoundingly highlighted the diversity and all-inclusive nature of this year’s congress.

HVN-USA partnered with Ed Herzog, a board member for the Bay Area HVN and documentary filmmaker, to assure there were some lasting images from this year’s congress. Each of the keynote addresses can be found on the new HVN USA Youtube channel

Here are direct links to each of their talks:
* Gogo Ekhaya Esima
* Marty Hadge
* Akiko Hart
* Barry Floyd
* David Walker
* Val Resh

MCHVN and the 9th World Hearing Voices Congress!

A wonderful bunch of folks from the Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network in Pennsylvania attended the congress. Eric Ayers created this wonderful video capturing their time in Boston: MCHVN at 9th World Hearing Voices Congress

New Poems from Hywel Davies, December 2017


Christmas 2017

Father was a “schizo”.

Know I am no doubt.

Jesus Christ Almighty.

I whisper when I shout.

Mother and her sister

Possessed two fathers fair.

Knowledge of that secret

Did traumatize my hair.

Forgive my bad mistakes,

O Jesus of the star.

Judas, Cathar and James

Now haunt my absent car.

Think I am a Jesus.

O fill my heart with hope.

Give me the holy means

By which to give and cope.

I am afraid today.

Hold my heart and smile,

Jesus of the rainbow,

Enabler of the mile.

And when I am alone,

Talk to me and give

Me the holy means

By which to walk and live.


Hywel Davies

Red rag to a bull

Never trust the Welshies

Who fart at ten to three.

Mischievous by nature.

They pee upon the tree.

The Welshies like to lie

To see what one will say.

Cymru is a nation

Of life, love and decay.

Do not talk to Taffies.

They shit inside one’s head.

Masturbate with sheepdogs

Or little boys instead.

Never trust the Welshies.

You know it makes such sense.

I am writing these words

Within the present tense.

Laugh at yourself, Cymru.

The sun is in the sky.

If it were not for you,

Then paradise would die.


Hywel Davies

Compassionate Mental Health Conference “Inspiring and Informative”: Report on the two day event






The latest Compassionate Mental Health Conference held in October 2017 at fforest, Cardigan was an inspiring and wholly informative two day event. This initiative was founded by Brigid Bowen whose own personal journey of psychosis and recovery had led to her interest in recovery-focussed approaches to mental health. Hearing Voices Network Wales helped to fund bursary places at the conference and emailed us the details of the conference.

The initial introductions were facilitated by Malcolm Stern, the co-founder of Alternatives. We then separated into smaller break out groups to share why we were there. A complement of professionals, funders and experiencers of mental health challenges could be found in most groups. The common ground we found between us is that as individuals we all experience trauma and challenges with our mental health at some time in our lives.

Over the two days we learned about eCPR with Dr Daniel Fisher, a psychiatrist from the US. eCPR is a process of helping individuals through emotional crisis and through to releasing trauma. It’s a simple and human process of genuine connection from one individual to another.

Beatrice Birch facilitated a healing session where we created the perfect sphere from clay. She talked about Inner Fire, a year-long residential programme that she founded in Vermont, US. Inner Fire helps individuals to recover from mental distress, addictions and to come off medication. There was a tangible joining of energies within our group and the feeling of healing energy being present.

Rufus May and Elisabeth Svanholmer presented their compassionate and non-judgemental approach to voice hearing as well as towards those experiencing a state of psychosis.

Andy Bradley gave us the experience of our feelings being expressed and heard in a group setting. Each of us had equal time to express our feelings and he managed the time frame for us. I felt this had real meaning for those of us who had experienced problems with not being allowed to express feelings as well as not getting needs met in our lives.

Elinor Kapp, a retired child psychiatrist, told her stories to a large group of enraptured listeners in the evening by firelight. Elinor uses story as an agent of healing and recently published a book of her stories.

Last but not least there was the wonderful setting of the conference at fforest. The latter teaches simple, healthy and sustainable living – they sustained us with tasty and healthy food much of it grown on site.
There was even a retired consultant psychiatrist preparing the drinks for breaks and all in all this community of equals without hierarchy was a refreshing change. It seemed the experts were actually those who lived with mental health challenges and had experienced crisis. We found participants from every walk of life at the conference. We informally networked with people interested in creating safe spaces for healing and withdrawing from medication. Many made connections and partnerships for future projects.

Compassionate Mental Health aimed to inform, inspire and empower people living and working with mental health distress and we feel these aims were met. It also brought people together of a common mind to improve the attitudes, beliefs and treatment of mental health towards a more compassionate and recovery based approach. Watch this space! The next conference will be in March / April 2018 – we hope to see you there.

Helena and Chris Parker – Hearing Voices Peer Support Group at Mid Powys Mind at Llandrindod Wells.

Hearing Voices Network Brazil formally established

The First Brazilian National Hearing Voices Congress in Rio in October 2017 is ends with the launch of the Hearing Voices Network Brazil and the adoption of their manifesto as follows:

“We are voice hearers, relatives and mental health professionals, and other participants of the First National Congress of Voices Speakers of Brazil that met on October 20th and 21st, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro.

INTERVOICE is a an international network for people who hear voices , a network for exchanging of information and experiences. INTERVOICE is against the against the pathologisation of the experience of hearing voices and fights for for the rights of people who hear voices.

Considering that our society still sees voice hearers as psychiatric patients, often regards people who hear voices as incapable and excludes and discriminates against them for not meeting the standards of normality imposed by society.

Considering the importance of the protagonism and the autonomy of voice hearers we launch here this manifesto for the foundation of the Brazilian Association of People Who Hear Voices with the following aims:

▪ to become part of INTERVOICE, the worldwide network for people who hear voices;
▪ to affirm that listening to voices is a human experience, an individual and private experience
▪ to support people who experience difficulties and suffering in relation to their voice experience”

BBC Documentary about people who Voices – can you help?



Blakeway North, an independent production company have been commissioned by U.K. broadcaster BBC to make a film about people who hear voices. The film is being made for BBC3 an online channel aimed at young people. At this stage they are researching people’s experiences to help them shape the film. This is your chance to have your say.

Matt Ball – Australian Mental Health Nurse of the Year

Matt Ball of South Australia has received the prestigious award of Mental Health Nurse of the year 2017 by the Australia College of Mental Health Nurses for his outstanding contribution to mental health, in particular for his great work with voice hearers in Australia.

Our congratulations to Matt Ball on receiving this prestigious award for his great contribution to the development of the hearing voices movement in Australia.

See the presenting of this award and Matt’s acceptance speech below:


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