New Poems from Hywel Davies, December 2017


Christmas 2017

Father was a “schizo”.

Know I am no doubt.

Jesus Christ Almighty.

I whisper when I shout.

Mother and her sister

Possessed two fathers fair.

Knowledge of that secret

Did traumatize my hair.

Forgive my bad mistakes,

O Jesus of the star.

Judas, Cathar and James

Now haunt my absent car.

Think I am a Jesus.

O fill my heart with hope.

Give me the holy means

By which to give and cope.

I am afraid today.

Hold my heart and smile,

Jesus of the rainbow,

Enabler of the mile.

And when I am alone,

Talk to me and give

Me the holy means

By which to walk and live.


Hywel Davies

Red rag to a bull

Never trust the Welshies

Who fart at ten to three.

Mischievous by nature.

They pee upon the tree.

The Welshies like to lie

To see what one will say.

Cymru is a nation

Of life, love and decay.

Do not talk to Taffies.

They shit inside one’s head.

Masturbate with sheepdogs

Or little boys instead.

Never trust the Welshies.

You know it makes such sense.

I am writing these words

Within the present tense.

Laugh at yourself, Cymru.

The sun is in the sky.

If it were not for you,

Then paradise would die.


Hywel Davies

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