Mind Cymru calls on Welsh Government to review effectiveness of mental health legislation

As an independent review into the Mental Health Act published its recommendations, Mind Cymru calls for the Welsh Government to look at how the Act is applied in Wales.

Mind has welcomed the review and the recommendations of the panel.

Responding to the publication of the Review, Simon Jones, Head of Policy & Influencing at Mind Cymru, said:

“While the Mental Health Act applies in Wales, mental health services are devolved and operate under a different framework. Some of the review’s recommendations are already statutory obligations in Wales under the Mental Health Measure. These include improved access to independent advocacy and a requirement to develop care and treatment plans for patients receiving support from secondary mental health services. However, we know from a recent review conducted by the NHS Wales Delivery Unit that care and treatment planning is not being used as intended and there is little evidence that it is improving outcomes. 

“We are calling on the Welsh Government to review the effectiveness of mental health legislation, policy and practice in Wales. We would want this review to engage directly with people with experience of using mental health services in Wales and consider the effectiveness of the Mental Health Measure, the recommendations of the Mental Health Act Review and how the two pieces of legislation interact in a Welsh-context.”

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