Mental Health Summer Recovery Camp 2017

Mental Health Summer Recovery Camp 2017

Getting the Experience of a Recovery Community for Everyone

7th – 12th September 2017

Tanycoed Farm, Llansilin, Shropshire, SY10 9BS, Wales

Working To Recovery Ltd hosted their third Summer Recovery Camp.

The purpose was to create an environment of recovery and for everyone to experience it for themselves! Each year the Recovery Camp, grows organically, both leading up to it and during the Camp. During the Recovery Camp there were talks, debates, workshops, alternative therapy and a whole host of other things that happen.The morning begins with Chi Gong, Meditation and other practices. This was followed by a Morning Meeting when we all checked-in. This was followed by workshops. Workshops are run by anyone attending and so range from a whole host of areas.

After lunch, we had a ‘Big Tent Discussion’ – which is led by an invited speaker, who talks on a topic, opening up to a debate and discussion. Following this there were more workshops.

Throughout the day, there were taster sessions of alternative therapy (for donation) and a range of other things that organically grew throughout the camp – like EFT, Zen Tarot Readings, Energy Healing, etc…

The evening was a time to have fun, play and relax. On the last night there was a Mad Pride night, where anyone could stand-up and do a piece – poetry, story telling, singing, magic, comedy, whatever people can bring.

You can find out more about this highly recommended event here.

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