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Understanding Musical Ear Syndrome  Musical ear syndrome, also known as musical hallucinations or auditory hallucination, is more common than you might believe. It can cause enormous stress on the individual experiencing it. It is more likely to be a song or music without words but a few people have reported to me that they hear songs with words. I find in my practice that people are embarrassed to tell anyone about what they hear and are secretly afraid that they are going crazy. Source: FBNews (USA), 10th January 2019

Benefits of nurse co-facilitation of a Hearing Voices group At Black Country Partnership Foundation Trust, patients who hear voices are invited to join a Hearing Voices group co-facilitated by a mental health nurse, which has wide-ranging benefits. Source: Nursing Times (UK) 28th January 2019

Voices in my head told me to kill myself after years of bullying, sex abuse and drug addiction Now training to be a mental health nurse and using her experiences to help others, Nikki is backing The Sun’s You’re Not Alone campaign, which aims to encourage people to learn the signs of mental health problems, to help stop people losing their lives to suicide. Source: The Sun (UK), 8th January 2019

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