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Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.26.03 Helping children who hear voices: Hearing voices can be triggered by stressful events, such as child abuse Hearing voices when you are a child may be a temporary condition whose symptoms lessen with age if they are sensitively handled, according to new research.
Dutch researchers studying 80 children over a four-year period found that if hearing voices was treated as relatively “normal” and not strange or frightening, symptoms were likely to lessen.
Marius Romme, professor of social psychiatry at the University of Limburg, Maastricht, says: “We must accept that the voices exist. We must also accept that we cannot change the voices. They are not curable, just as you cannot cure left-handedness or homosexuality – human variations are not open to cure – only to coping.
“Therefore to assist people to cope we should not give them therapy that does not work. We should let people decide for themselves what helps or not. It takes time for people to accept that hearing voices is something that belongs to them.” He believes people who hear voices need to understand their condition and see it in a positive way. Source: BBC News (UK), 3rd November, 1998

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