Kevin Healey, voice hearer and hearing voices movement supporter from Canada talks to Globe and Mail

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Kevin Healey hears voices and music no one else can. When he’s in a good mood, his auditory hallucinations sound as though he’s in the midst of a party, with jovial voices cracking jokes and making him laugh. When he’s having a hard time, the voices tease him and escalate into angry shouts if he ignores them. He rarely experiences silence.

Costs related to mental disorders are borne by all of us: individuals, families, employers and governments.
Over the years, the 53-year-old Toronto resident has learned to live with a constant symphony of sounds without the use of medication. He listens to his voices, converses with them and has even come to appreciate the chatter.

“I would be regretful if it went away,” says Healey, who began hearing phantom sounds at the age of six. “It’s just kind of part of me and I’ve made peace with that.”

From: How hearing voices, long assumed a sign of mental illness, can be a part of the human experience, The Globe and Mail (Canada) Published Sunday, July 12th, 2015
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