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Hearing Voices Movement Youtube Channel:

Over 40 videos about hearing voices and related issues, established by INTERVOICE.



Invisible intruders – the voices in my head


This 30 minute radio documentary broadcast in Australia by ABC Radio, 1st December 2013 provides a honest and wide ranging appraisal of people who say they hear “voices in my head”.

The programme is based around interviews with people who say “I hear voices”. It also considers what neuroscience can tell us about the experience of “hearing voices in my head”

Interviewees include well known voice hearers and members of the hearing voices movement: Will Hall from the USA, Indigo Daya from Australia and Rufus May from the UK. They all were able to show that it is possible to say “I hear voices” and be healthy and able to communicate in a coherent way what hearing voices in my head involves.

Broadcast Sunday 1 December 2013, All in the Mind, ABC Radio, Australia. See more about the programme and transcript of the interview here

Madness Radio: Therapy for Psychosis – Daniel Mackler

Can therapy reach people in extreme states of “psychosis” without using medications? Do we need to give a diagnosis to help someone? Why are counselors afraid to listen to their “mad” clients? New York psychotherapist and filmmaker Daniel Mackler discusses how be defied social work training in his work with people labeled with schizophrenia and bipolar, and what he learned from recent visits to successful treatment alternatives in Northern Europe.

Go to this episode on the Madness Radio site here


Living with Voices: Interview with Ron Coleman, 3rd July 2011, Madness Radio

Are voices real — or are they just auditory hallucinations and sign of mental illness? Is it best to try to control and get rid of voices – or listen and discover their meaning? After being sexually abused by a priest and in grief at the death of his first wife, Scottish advocate Ron Coleman started hearing voices, was labeled a chronic schizophrenic and spent six years in psychiatric hospitals. Ron describes his remarkable recovery, and how he became a renowned teacher and leading trainer with the Hearing Voices movement in the UK.

Go to this episode on the Madness Radio site here



on Ronson On … Voices In The Head – BBC Radio 4, 26th April 2011

Eleanor Longden started to hear voices in her head when she was at university and was diagnosed as a schizophrenic – a label she totally rejects. Now she is a high achieving academic. What started the voices and how did she get to a point where she not only lives happily with the voices that still exist but also works with others who have the same experience? With contributions from writer Graham Linehan and comedian Josie Long.

Listen to the programme here



Jacqui Dillon Interviewed by Kathryn Ryan, 14 April 2010 on the Nine till Noon show, New Zealand

Jacqui Dillon is a guest speaker at a conference in Wellington this week and in Auckland next week at the Making Sense of Psychosis conference, held by Auckland University and organized jointly by the NZ branch of the International Society for the Psychological Treatments of Schizophrenia and the NZ Hearing Voices Network. (duration: 17′23″)Listen to the programme here


Jacqui Dillon on Madness Radio, 16th June 2009: Hearing Voices Movement

What is it like to hear voices? How do people learn to live with their voices, and are voices sometimes positive and helpful? What is the connection between voices and trauma? Jacqui Dillon, voice hearer and director of the UK Hearing Voices Network, discusses how the movement of people who hear voices is creating self-help alternatives to traditional and often abusive mental health care.

Listen to the programme here



Interview with Rufus May, Sandra Escher and Dirk Corstens, Australia ABC Radio, 8th November 2008

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The voices within

Many people hear voices inside their head — some are diagnosed with schizophrenia, others live privately with the experience. International leaders in the Hearing Voices Network gather in Australia this week, controversially challenging the belief that voices are a pathological symptom without psychological meaning. They argue people can find it therapeutic to ‘dialogue’ with the voices. Meet three clinicians pushing the boundaries.



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