Books, Publications & DVD’s available to buy at Dundee HaVeN


A selection of the Books, Publications & DVD’s available to buy at the HaVeN. If you would like to arrange purchase over the telephone please contact HVN Dundee

Publications Authors Price
When the Roots Are Strong (Poetry Book) The HaVeN Writers Group £2.00
Victim to Victor I – Working with Voices Ron Coleman & Mike Smith £10.00
Victim to Victor II – Working with Self-harm Mike Smith £10.00
Victim to Victor III – Working Towards Recovery Ron Coleman, Karen Taylor & Paul Baker £5.00
So You Think You’re Mad? Paul Hewitt £10.00
Killing Me Softly Sharon J. Lefevre £10.00
Who’s Hurting Who? Helen Spandler £10.00
Understanding Voices Prof. Dr. M. A. J. Romme £10.00
Understanding Child Sexual Abuse Dr. Sam Warner £6.00
Recovery: a Holistic Approach Alison Reeves £3.00
Coping with Voices & Visions Edited by Julie Downs £6.00
Starting & Supporting Self-help Groups Edited by Julie Downs £6.00
Raising Our Voices Adam James £10.00
Mad Pride Various £10.00
Advice on Medication Rufus & Phil Thomas £1.75
Basic Info. on Voice Hearing Manchester Hearing Voices Network £1.75
Recovery – An Alien Concept (2nd Ed.) Ron Coleman £12.50
First Aid in Psychosis Mike Smith £5.00
The Voice Inside Paul Baker £10.00


Videos/ Dvds   Price
‘Stigmadies’ Mental Health Arts & Film Festival prize winner 2007 DVD £4.00
A Gift of Stories DVD £4.00
Are You Alright Son? DVD £4.00
2002 Conference DVD £2.00
Demon Shoes – presented by The Haven and Choose Life (2008) DVD £10.00
Demon Shoes (short version) – presented by The Haven and Choose Life (2008) DVD £5.00
How to Start and Run a Hearing Voices Group Training DVD £25.00


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