Help at hand: Letter from Hywel Davies to the Western Telegraph, 12/11/2014


Published in the Western Telegraph, Pembrokeshire, Wales on the 12th November 2014, LettersPage

FOLLOWING the brutal kill­ing of Miss Patricia Anne Durrant by John Blair Ham­ilton, someone labelled by psychiatry as a “paranoid schizophrenic” (Man’s fear of demons led to brutal killing,Western Telegraph, November 5) it is pertinent to state that a person with “schizophrenia” is 100 times more likely to commit sui­cide than to commit an act of homicide (Report of the Con­fidential Inquiry into Homi­cides and Suicides by Men­tally IllPeople, Royal College of Psychiatrists,1996).

In terms of homicide, the general public is far more at risk from young men un­der the influence of alco­hol than from people with a mental health problem (Au­dit Commission,Finding A Place: A Review of Mental Health Services for Adults, HMSO, 1994).

The cited figures are old but relevant and pertinent to 2014.

Medication and help, pro­fessional or otherwise, are available for people labelled by psychiatry as “schizo­phrenic”.  Certain people can and do recover from “schizo­phrenia”.

The following websites may be of help and relevance to people labelled by psychia­try as “schizophrenic”, their families, their friends and their acquaintances: www., and www.workingtorecovery. .


Chairman, Hearing Voices

Network Cymru

Milford Haven

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