Hearing Voices Network Cymru Newsletter

The latest edition of the is available. In this edition you will find information about:

  • Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor from Working To Recovery are running a number of one-day workshops across the UK including Bangor, Swansea and Cardiff. 10 free places on each day for voice hearers sponsored by HVN Cymru
  • “Can’t You Hear Them?” A new book by Simon McCarthy-Jones about hearing voices and science
  • The BBC Horizon programme “Why Did I Go Mad?” featuring members of the Hearing Voices Movement
  • Pembrokeshire Hearing Voices Group commissions radio advertisement
  • The forthcoming 2017 World Hearing Voices Congress to be held in August in Boston
  • The Recovery Summer Camp
  • New Film Documentaries: Why Did I Go Mad?, CrazyWise and Healing Voices

You can read our newsletter here.

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