Hearing Voices Network Brazil formally established

The First Brazilian National Hearing Voices Congress in Rio in October 2017 is ends with the launch of the Hearing Voices Network Brazil and the adoption of their manifesto as follows:

“We are voice hearers, relatives and mental health professionals, and other participants of the First National Congress of Voices Speakers of Brazil that met on October 20th and 21st, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro.

INTERVOICE is a an international network for people who hear voices , a network for exchanging of information and experiences. INTERVOICE is against the against the pathologisation of the experience of hearing voices and fights for for the rights of people who hear voices.

Considering that our society still sees voice hearers as psychiatric patients, often regards people who hear voices as incapable and excludes and discriminates against them for not meeting the standards of normality imposed by society.

Considering the importance of the protagonism and the autonomy of voice hearers we launch here this manifesto for the foundation of the Brazilian Association of People Who Hear Voices with the following aims:

▪ to become part of INTERVOICE, the worldwide network for people who hear voices;
▪ to affirm that listening to voices is a human experience, an individual and private experience
▪ to support people who experience difficulties and suffering in relation to their voice experience”

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