Hearing Voices Database Research Study Update

Complete The Hearing Voices Survey And Save Lives (Click on title to visit site)

Scott Stewart is conducting research into hearing voices (verbal auditory hallucinations – VAH).

The efforts being made by The Hearing Voices Database are intended to help people who live with the experience of hearing voices are continuing. We believe that this database of phenomenology will provide the first and best opportunity to empirically measure the efficacy of coping strategies, and understanding of how best to target them to relieve distress.

The Hearing Voices Database website is a research platform investigating voices (VAH).

The propensity to help people is governed by the enlistment of respondents (UK) for a short survey (6-8 minutes to complete) about voice (VAH) hostility.

The aim of the Hearing Voices Database research is the creation of a comprehensive (currently English language) repository of verbal auditory hallucinations. This will be an invaluable resource for other researchers.

The site is also undertaking research into salient factors determining the ‘disposition’ (hostility, malevolence) of voices, in particular looking at the phenomenological impact of pharmacological interventions.



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