Emerging Perspectives From the Hearing Voices Movement



The Schizophrenia Bulletin has published an article entitled “Emerging Perspectives From the Hearing Voices Movement: Implications for Research and Practice” by Dirk Corstens, Eleanor Longden, Simon McCarthy-Jones, Rachel Waddingham5 and Neil Thomas.

The article concludes that the “HVM promotes empowerment and validation for voice-hearers and emphasizes a fusion of individual understanding and the fellowship and solidarity of peer support as important ingredients for successful recovery. In addition to critical reflection on its own practice and philosophies, the HVM perspective also identifies challenges for clinical research and practice. This includes the provision of choice, normalization, and hopeful information, as well as an urgent need for genuine collaboration with voice-hearers in research, not only for creating an alternative research climate but also for providing opportunities in the recovery journey.”

You can read the full paper here

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