CrazyWise Documentary Trailer

The forthcoming documentary CRAZYWISE reveals a paradigm shift that’s challenging the way Western culture defines and treats a mental health crisis.

When a young person experiences a frightening break from reality, Western experts usually label it a “first-episode psychosis” while many psychologists and cultures define it as a “spiritual awakening”. The documentary CRAZYWISE reveals remarkably effective treatment approaches and a survivor-led movement challenging a mental health system in crisis.

You can see the trailer here.

In 2012, out of curiosity and interest in meditation Phil began interviewing individuals who had been meditating. It just so happens that 2 of the 3 people he interviewed had had ‘psychotic episodes’ similar to the experiences the shamans had described to him.

Hywel Davies and Hearing Voices Network Cymru are official supporters of the documentary production team.

Adam is one of those individuals. See his story here.


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