Throughout most of the 20th century, voice hearing was generally equated with “schizophrenia” by mainstream western psychiatry and “schizophrenia” was generally regarded by western psychiatric orthodoxy as a “bio-chemical imbalance of the brain” (e.g. excessive dopamine activity in the brain). However , both conclusions by psychiatric orthodoxy were erroneous.

Thanks to pioneering research undertaken in the past thirty years or so, voice hearing is now regarded as a relatively common phenomenon and “schizophrenia”,  it appears,is generally triggered by trauma.

Triggered by bereavement, unemployment, divorce, illness and/or some other kind of trauma, voice hearing or the seeing of visions is experienced by 10-15% of the human population. 8% of children are voice hearers. 1% of the population are labelled by psychiatry as “schizophrenic”. 53% of “schizophrenics” are voice hearers.

What we in Hearing Voices Network Cymru present in this website section is essentially signposts that lead to, at best, new, exciting and emancipatory research undertaken or studied in relation to voice hearing and/or the seeing of visions from a variety of perspectives including spirituality and related topics.

We hope that you find the following section on research interesting and informative.

Hywel Davies B.A. (Combined Honours), P.G.C.E.
Chairman : Hearing Voices Network Cymru (Wales)


Research Organisations

International Research Committee the INTERVOICE international committee gathers information and initiates research into voice hearing. Crucially, this work is informed by the needs of voice hearers themselves; issues which are relevant for their daily lives.

Hearing the Voice is an exciting and groundbreaking interdisciplinary project led by researchers at Durham University, England. The project aims to help us better understand the phenomenon of hearing a voice no one else can hear (a phenomenon also referred to as auditory verbal hallucinations), its cognitive-neuroscientific mechanisms, its social, cultural and historical significance, and its therapeutic management.

Voices & Visions Lab is made up of an interdisciplinary team of researchers invested in better understanding the subjective experience of psychosis and other unusual states. Several members of the Voices & Visions research team are also organizers or board members of Chicago Hearing Voices, USA.

The Voices Clinic The Voices Clinic is a specialist psychological treatment and research clinic for people who hear voices or have similar experiences. Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, Level 4, 607 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004, Australia. Enquiries Tel: 03 9076 6564 [email protected]


Research Findings
Latest research News about contemporary research into hearing voices.

Research bibliography: A selection of research papers, books and other publications about hearing voices and associated topics, organised by author.

Research articles on hearing voices and spirituality and related topics

INTERVOICE Research A selection of academic papers, articles and other publications on the issue of hearing voices and related topics and other information about research into hearing voices can be found on the INTERVOICE website research section

Further Reading and Resources Research findings and further reading.

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