Brian Wilson: ‘Every day I thank God for another day of life’

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 16.50.30The legendary creative force behind the Beach Boys, who invented surf music, composed a string of million-selling hits and then succumbed to drink, drugs and mental illness under the controlling influence of a Svengali-like psychotherapist, finds it difficult to talk about the dark years and what he calls his “demons”.

Heavily medicated and grossly overweight, he spent two years in bed, only getting up to occasionally wander outside in his dressing gown.

But now, aged 72, touring with his band and producing what critics are calling his best work, Wilson is confronting those harrowing years as they are portrayed in a new film, Love and Mercy.

Named after a song on his 1988 solo album, the film details his physical abuse at the hands of his father, his experience with psychedelic drugs and battles with his brothers and bandmates, who did not understand his desire to move on from songs about surfing and hot-rods to more quirky, lushly orchestrated music with accomplished session musicians. The film has proved such a success that Wilson has postponed his UK tour to promote it in the US.

Read the full article in The Telegraph Online here (The Telegraph Online, 26th June 2015)

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