An Inventory of hearing voices groups: A request for your support and participation.

Are you a facilitator or member of a Hearing Voices Group?

INTERVOICE would like to ask for your co-operation in undertaking an inventory of existing peer support groups for voice hearers (usually known as “hearing voices groups”).

Hearing voices groups could be called the backbone of the hearing voices movement. The hearing voices groups have proven to be very useful to voice hearers and they have also been critical to the successful dissemination of the hearing voices approach. To date though, we have not systematically gathered and shared information about the way groups are organised and operate. We have not assessed their impact on supporting the recovery of voice hearers.

The objective is to collate a book like “Living with voices” in which we published 50 stories of how people experiencing distressing voices recovered their lives. We want to do the same by telling the stories of hearing voices groups.

This inventory will be conducted by Marius Romme and Manuel de Chavez.

Download it  here to find out how you can help.

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