Amanda’s Dance



Amanda Waegeli is a voice hearer from Australia. She has written an excellent song about voice hearing called “Amanda’s Dance” that she recorded with her musical partner Daniel Habermann.

You can listen to the full version of “Amanda’s Dance”  here

You can also listen to a short radio interview on Hearing Voices that Amanda recently took part in here

Amanda says of the experience:

” Most of my voices did not like me writing, singing or recording that particular song but I did it anyway because it is a good song and a lot of voice hearers need hope, and it has helped so many already to find some.

My voices did not want me to do the radio interview, be recorded, I was very nervous, got tongue tied, repeated myself, but I did it anyway, so others may find hope.

Please share if you wish, through your networks, and let each of us keep on trying in our own ways to breakdown the stigma and make the recovery road for voice hearers a little brighter.”

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