Sponsorship 2015 – 2016

We occasionally provide financial sponsorship to activities consistent with our values and priorities.

The following organisations received our support over the last rwo years..


  • Training for voice hearers, families and workers in Croatia by Rachel Waddingham and Dirk Corstens, May 2016
  • Supporting the development of Hearing Voices Networks in Romania and Malta, Trevor Eyles, 2016
  • The Positive Voices Project led by Sandra Escher and Professor Marius Romme, January 2016
  • Funding for travel and attendance at the World Hearing Voices Congress, Madrid 2015, for members of the Western Balkans Hearing Voices Network
  • “Everything you always wanted to know about psychiatric drugs, but were afraid to ask…” A user-­‐led international expert conference on coming off psychiatric medications,  Italian Hearing Voices Network

International Mental Health Training Network

  • Hearing Voices Training workshops in Wales 2016
  • Young People and Hearing Voices Training workshop led by Rachel Waddingham, Carmarthen, Wales 2015
  • Support for Whole Life Whole System  Recovery Training in Brazil, 2015, 2016

Pembrokeshire Frame

Mind Pembrokeshire


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