Hywel Davies

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Hywel Davies is the Chair of Hearing Voices Cymru. Here are some of the articles written by and about Hywel, his work and life.

Hywel is a member of the IMHCN Board. He is a poet, a philanthropist and a mental health activist. He is Chair of Hearing Voices Network Cymru and Patron of Intervoice the international hearing voices organisation.
Born in 1954, Hywel has heard voices since approximately 1965. He was educated in Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire and at Stonehouse in Gloucestershire, he is a Combined Honours Graduate of French and Spanish from Birmingham University. He possess a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Aberystwyth University.
A retired teacher and lecturer of Spanish, he was labelled by psychiatry as a “schizophrenic” in 1983.
His development of mental health problems as a teacher led eventually to being involved in the mental health voluntary sector as a volunteer in Pembrokeshire and elsewhere. He founded Pembrokeshire Mind, Pembrokeshire Hearing Voices Group and Hearing Voices Network Cymru.
He regards voice hearers as saints, prophets, shaman, gurus and/or geniuses. Or the potential for such.

Interests: Faith and spirituality, hearing voices, lived experience

Listen to A Voice Reason, August 2017

‘Where there is help, there is hope’, February 2015

Work of mental illness charities highlighted: Interview with Hywel Davies

Help at hand: Letter from Hywel Davies to the Western Telegraph, 12/11/2014

Opportunities for Change and Development in Wales: Speech by Hywel Davies 31st October 2014

Owning and Sharing My Beliefs, Speech by Hywel Davies, May 2014, Liverpool

Hywel Davies Speech at the Conference on User & Carer Involvement, Lille, France January 2014

Hywel donates three mobility scooters to Pembrokeshire wheelchair hire service, January 2014

Pet Therapy? Hywel Davies reflects on the mutual support offered by and to pets

Hywel Davies supports local counselling service (2013)

Hywel Davies with Marius Romme (2013)

Hywel Davies pre-1940 Pembrokeshire Postcard Collection

New Poetry by Hywel Davies, October 2013

Syllables For Change, Poetry Collection

Hywel Davies at the Pembrokeshire Mental Health Forum Launch (2013)

“The Madness Of Adam And Eve: How Schizophrenia Shaped Humanity” by David Horrobin reviewed by Hywel Davies (2002)

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