About Hearing Voices Network Cymru

We offer information, support and understanding to people who hear voices and those who support them.

The hearing of a voice or voices inaudible to others is a relatively common human experience.  Triggered by bereavement, illness, unemployment, divorce or some other traumatic event, voice hearing is experienced by 10-15% of the population in their lifetime. 1% of the population are labelled by psychiatry as “schizophrenic”.  1% of the population are labelled by psychiatry as “bipolar”.  53% of people labelled by psychiatry as “schizophrenic” are voice hearers.  2.3% of the general population are voice hearers at any one given moment in time.

To hear a voice or voices inaudible to others does not mean that one is severely mentally ill.

There are Hearing Voices Networks in 35 countries of  the world. Countries include Scotland, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand.  There are 170+  hearing voices groups in England alone.

There are 10 hearing voices groups in Wales.

In this section you can find  out more about our organisation (including INTERVOICE) ,our history, aims & objectives, groups and how to contact us.

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