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Embracing Every Season of Your Life – Part 2 – Enjoying Everyday Life

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Life comes in seasons, good and bad. Learn how God uses those seasons to shape our character, and how you can have joy and peace in every season of life.

Revelation TV Presents Daniel Chand

“Walking Like Jesus” on YouTube

A night with Nicky Cruz

Nicky Cruz was the gang leader and drug addict whose story David Wilkinson wrote about in ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’. Here he tells his own story at Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in northern Ireland.

Go here to see the video

Becky Hawkins at New Heaven New Earth Sedona 2012

Published on 9 Feb 2014
Video excerpts from the 1 hour talk in Sedona at New Heaven New Earth

Becki Hawkins, a hospice nurse and a chaplain, is the author of “Transitions: A Nurse’s Education About Life And Death”. She sat by the bedside of seriously ill and terminally ill patients for more than 30 years as an oncology and hospice nurse. During that time, she listened to patients describe various kinds of spiritual experiences, including near-death experiences.

Laurin Bellg – Near-Death Experiences in the ICU


Published on 3 Nov 2016

Near-Death Experiences in the Intensive Care Unit — Laurin Bellg, 2016 IANDS Conference
(The first 15 seconds of this video are audio-only).

For twenty years, Dr. Laurin Bellg has worked with patients in the intensive care unit who have near-death and out-of-body experiences during sudden cardiac death and severe trauma. Many of those accounts have been documented in her book Near Death in the ICU: Stories From Patients Near Death And Why We Should Listen To Them

These experiences are profoundly meaningful, yet when they are reported, they are frequently met with skepticism and dismissal by medical caregivers and family members. Dr. Bellg maintains that we don’t have to fully understand these events to honor the transformative role they often play in the lives of those who experience them. A thought leader in the area of working with patients who’ve had near-death experiences, Dr. Bellg has been a keynote speaker at many venues throughout the United States. Her presentations are popular for their strong story telling and thought-provoking message on the importance of honoring personal experience as a part of healing.

Visit her web site:

For more information on near-death experiences, visit

Learn To Live The Life God Has Called You To With Nick Vujicic at Saddleback Church

Lorna Byrne: The Lady Who Sees Angels

“Working with Lorna Byrne and producing this documentary about her amazing life and gifts was truly an extraordinary experience. Lorna is perhaps the most honest and humble person I have ever met. She will say that she doesn’t know why God chose her to spread his messages of love and religious tolerance, but I think God chose very wisely. Watch the documentary and see why millions of people worldwide believe in Lorna and her messages from the Angels”. Ted Yacucci, producer/director

Angels in America

Irish born Lorna Byrne has been seeing Angels since she was a child, but she only started telling the world about the Angels since 2008.
In this seminar she talks about the various Angels that she has seen. She also talks about Native Americans and the higher vibrations rising in America.

Spirituality and Mental Health – whole life understanding: Tim Teeling, Mental Health Development worker, WWAMH

(click on article to see video of the presentation by Tim Teeling about spirituality and mental health)

The aim of the network is to explore ways in which spirituality and religion has positively helped recovery from mental health problems. Within a respectful environment, our aim is to pursue wellness rather conformity to certain beliefs, with an emphasis on the positive effects of our beliefs and values rather than on the content of that belief.

As people we are more than physical bodies; modern psychiatry reflects this by describing a bio-psycho-social model of the person. Our thoughts, beliefs and what inspires us have tended to be seen as ‘psychological’. In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in what is loosely termed spirituality, which focuses on meaning and purpose in life, compassion, and a deeper connection with self, with others, and the wider world. Service users have made it clear that they often draw on their spiritual strengths and hope to aid recovery from mental illness. Andrew Sims, past president of Royal College of Psychiatrists, has said:

“The advantageous effect of religious belief and spirituality on mental and physical health is one of the best kept secrets in psychiatry and medicine generally. If the findings of the huge volume of research on this topic had gone in the opposite direction and it had been found that religion damages your mental health, it would have been front-page news in every newspaper in the land (from “Is Faith Delusion”).”

The project is open to past and present service users, is non-denominational and a belief in God is not necessary. The principle ground rules are respect for each other and there is no preaching. Instead of seeing our beliefs as signs of our illness, we want to explore them as strengths in our recovery. To the best of our knowledge few projects have attempted what we are trying to do and so with any project in its early days we are still finding our way.

If you are interested in the project please contact Tim Teeling on 01437 769942 or email [email protected]

For more information about spirituality go here.



CRAZYWISE – Extended Trailer from Phil Borges on Vimeo.

A 20-year fascination with shamanism leads filmmaker Phil Borges to question Western culture’s definition and treatment of severe mental disorders. CRAZYWISE, a feature length documentary, centers around a young man struggling with his sanity, world renowned mental health professionals and a survivor-led movement…all challenging a mental health system in crisis. See also videos and interviews about Shamans and spirituality here.

Myths, Shamans and Seers: Phil Borges at TEDx Rainier

Accompanied by his stunning photographs, Phil Borges tells the story of visiting and meeting traditional seers in many parts of the world. For over thirty years Phil Borges has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures, striving to create an understanding of the challenges they face. His work is exhibited in museums worldwide and his award winning books have been published in four languages. His most recent book, Tibet: Culture on the Edge highlights the effect of climate change and technology on Tibetan Culture. Borges teaches and lectures internationally and is co-founder of Blue Earth Alliance.

Phil Borges, filmmaker and photographer, has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures for over 25 years. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and his award winning books have been published in four languages. Phil’s recent project, Inner Worlds, explores cultural differences with respect to consciousness and mental illness.


Hildegard Von Bingen

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