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Cygnus Books is a bookselling and information service like no other. Our aim is to help you find the inspiration and guidance you are looking for, as you search for new ways to heal your body, nourish your soul and live in a way that reflects your own deepest values. We do this in three ways:

By providing messages and features written to guide, uplift and inspire. You’ll find hundreds of such messages and features in the resources section of this website.
By selecting books and other items that we believe will help you grow, heal and savour the full ‘juiciness’ of life.
By publishing a free monthly magazine, the Cygnus Review.


religion cultureMental Health, Religion and Culture

provides an authoritative forum and a single point of reference for the growing number of professionals and academics working in the expanding field of mental health and religion.

The journal publishes empirically-based work which explores the relationships between mental health and aspects of religion and culture, and discusses conceptual and philosophical aspects. Contributions are encouraged from a range of disciplines including: psychiatry, psychology, anthropology, sociology and other social sciences, philosophy, theology and religious studies, community and social work, counselling and pastoral work.

Published papers include clinical and other case material, observational and interview material, survey, questionnaire, psychometric and other quantified data. There is also scope for scholarly review and presentation of historical material, religious texts and other textual material. Systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and theoretical and philosophical analysis are welcomed.



Spirituality ‘link’ to mental illness This finding based on results from a survey of over 7,000 people in England. The research identified a group of people described as having a “spiritual understanding of life” but not practicing organised religion (for example, attending church regularly). Click on title for full story from NHS Choice 02/01/2013

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