Coping With Change By Introducing New Life Into Your Home

Continuing her series of articles about hearing voices, Jane Fisher discusses coping with change by introducing new life into your home

Coping With Change By Introducing New Life Into Your Home

39,000 individuals throughout England and Wales consider themselves to be Spiritualists. As a Spiritualist, your home is so much more than bricks and mortar. It’s an environment to encourage adaptation and new life and an opportunity to enhance your wellbeing following a life changing event. During such a time, it’s common to hear voices and you may benefit from introducing a pet to boost your mental health and to help deal with your reaction to these voices. Embracing alternative souls can be the optimum path to mental wellness.

Bringing houseplants into the home

Houseplants promise to bring cycles of life and spirit. As spring rolls around, a reminder of new life is experienced as plants begin to grow. What starts from nothing more than a seed will transform into a blossoming plant. However, you’ll meet obstacles along the way, just as you will personally, possibly in the form of voices. There will be times when your plant fails to thrive and cutting it right back to nearly nothing is the only thing to do. Yet, this is a reminder that with patience, care and belief, you’ll make it through the other side and that the voices will subside.

Aquatic life

The human body consists of between 55 and 60% water, proving that it is a vital source of life. Everything on earth requires water to survive and its role in spiritualism has been practiced for years. Historically, African communities respected bodies of water as a spirituality source. The now Lake Victoria was previously named Nalubaale, which translates to the home of spirituality. Therefore, bringing water into your personal living environment is the simplest way to appreciate the treasures that you have. Additionally, by introducing aquatic life into your home by installing a fish tank, you’ll reap the benefits of both water and marine life. Fish have a strong connection to spiritualism and are cited multiple times in the bible. They are strongly associated with faith and will support you through the challenge of hearing voices.

Let there be light

Light has significant spiritual meaning and is most frequently associated with guardian angels. It is widely documented that God created light before anything else. Light, like water, is a source the world simply can’t survive without. Plants need light in order to feed themselves. Meanwhile, human nature and animals rely on plants for energy. Therefore, a home full of bright light is the key to connecting with spirits and for a peaceful and satisfying living environment.

Spirituality is a powerful source to assist you in adapting following a challenging life event and in dealing with the voices that come hand in hand with such emotions. By introducing spiritual sources into your home environment via plants, water, fish and light, a sense of comfort and support will guide you through any obstacle.

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