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The following collections of poems are by the Welsh poet, Hywel Davies of Pembrokeshire.

We welcome contributions. If you would like to send us a poem for publication in our poetry section please email us at info@hearingvoicescymru.org.

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Unpublished poetry

New Poems (2013)


Protect me, Lord, from evil

And let me walk Your Way

Forever in the future.

Tomorrow and today.


O let me count all blessings.

Appreciate Your smile.

Let me do what is good to

Follow the holy mile.


Let me give and give again.

A damaged brain have I.

Are the holy light by which

The humble learn to fly.


God bless the righteous goodness

Of your Self-Proclaiming Ways.

You walk in the holy light

Of miraculous days.


Hywel Davies

December 2016


Thank Jesus for all goodness,

All love and happiness.

To Him I bring my sorrow

And all my sins confess.

Hywel Davies

December 2016


Life is good. Life’s not absurd.

Jesus speaks in holy word.

Speaks to Muslims. Holy dreams.

Sews the truth in righteous seams.

Hywel Davies, June 2016


God is the beginning,
The middle and the end.
He watches over us
And is our only friend.

Rivers flow in glory.
Mountains stand and tall.
God is the Creator
And Master of the All.

Laugh at him and suffer
An illness and a fall.
Speak to Jesus Christ and
Fine justices recall.

Love is the beginning,
The middle and the end.
She watches over us
And is our only friend.

Hywel Davies, January 2016


Jesus has the power
To conquer bead and king.
Jesus is The Lord of
All, now and everything.

Hywel Davies, April 2015


Do you believe in Cymru ?
Do you believe in love ?
Of course I believe in Love. Their album “Forever Changes” was brilliant. The band were pioneers.
Do you believe in the brotherhood of man ?
The Brotherhood of Man ? Know. Their music was pretty but it lacked soul.
Do you believe in Abba ?
Yes, I believe in Abba. The beginning, the middle and the end.
Do you believe in Grapefruit ?
You’re pulling my leg.
No, I’m not. They were a UK band in the 1960’s.
Know. I don’t believe in Grapefruit.

 Hywel Davies, April 2015 

Featured poem: October 2013


 Gerard’s Cross.

You can say that again.

He’s absolutely furious.

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