ISPS-US Live Webinar: Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: The dialectic of distress and spirituality

Join ISPS-US for Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: The dialectic of distress and spirituality – a live webinar with Dr. Ingo Lambrecht, April 6, 2017, 3 PM EST

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What is the relationship between distress and confusion that gets called “psychosis” and the states of consciousness that might be described as shamanic or spiritual?

To explore this, we will be hearing from Ingo Lambrecht, who has some real perspective on this based on his having experienced shamanic training as well as working as a clinical psychologist specializing in psychosis.

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Here are more details about this event:

Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: the dialectic of distress and spirituality
Throughout shamanic history, extreme states have been configured in relation to states of distress and spirituality. It is however not clear to what extent these states are separated, the same or if integration is at all possible.

In this presentation the aim is to explore the different positions possible when faced with psychotic distress and spirituality. It will draw on the presenter’s experiences during his shamanic training. It will consider some indigenous and current models and interventions of spiritual emergencies.

Dr. Ingo Lambrecht is a consultant clinical psychologist working at Manawanui, Māori Mental Health Service in Auckland, New Zealand. His special interests include children and adolescents, psychosis and personality issues, as well as trauma and mindfulness. He has also written on the cultural-clinical interface through clinical and psychoanalytic work in different cultural settings, and was privileged to undergo an intense shamanic training as a sangoma, a South African traditional healer. In addition to his recent book, Sangoma Trance States (AM Publishing, 2014), he has contributed articles and chapters on the relationships between culture, psychosis, and spirituality, presenting at national and international conferences on these themes.

ISPS-US online meetings/webinars are free to ISPS members, with a donation of $5-$20 requested from others, though no one turned away for lack of funds. Please do register if you want to attend!

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